Rights, Respect, and Responsiblity

“At the Ray School we walk and talk the 3Rs way.”

The 3Rs at the Ray School:

  • Promoting a school-wide culture of Rights, Respect, and Responsibility for ourselves, each other, our school community, our local community, and the world we live in
            • Empowering our students through education and action to be active citizens in the school, local, and global communities

We CAN make a difference!

Rights, Respect, and Responsiblity video:

Fall 2010 Compost Kick Off!

The pilot composting program for SAU 70 at the Ray School is off to a grand start. Students, staff, and the Ray Cafe have all joined the effort and are doing a wonderful job of diverting all of the snack and lunch food scraps from the landfill. Custodial staff reports a remarkable decrease in the volume of trash each day. It’s no wonder when an estimated 438 pounds of waste are being diverted each week! So far, compost hauler Bob Sandberg reports ZERO contamination in the bins. That means students haven’t tossed a single fork, napkin, or even a sticker on a banana peel into the buckets. HIP HIP FOR RAY!

Earth Week 2010!

Welcome to our Earth Week 2010 Post! This year’s theme is composting. To access additional resources for parents, please click on the link “Earth Week Resources.” Otherwise, stay tuned for updates from the school. Here is a photograph of Matt Starr, introducing Worm Composting at the recent Co-op Expo. Mr. Starr has also introduced worm composting to all second graders.

Earth Week Slideshow

This slideshow features pictures from our recent Walk to School Day. Warning: it is 4MB, so it may take a while to load on slower connections.

Earth Week at the Ray School April 26-30

The Three Rs committee is gearing up for the Earth Week 2010 celebration!

This year the theme for Earth Week at The Ray School will be “Composting”. Students will learn answers to questions like: “What is biodegradable? What is a landfill? What part of my lunch ends up in the landfill?” and be introduced to important concepts like
“Everything we eat comes from the soil.” and “Soil nutrients get depleted.” We will also answer the BIG question, “Why compost?” On Thursday, April 29th we will actually collect our compost-able food scraps. Friday wraps up with a fun Earth Week assembly and celebration for all students. All this is in preparation for joining Hanover’s town-wide composting efforts next year. We CAN make a difference!



Did you know? Americans throw away 96 billion tons of food waste each year?

Now, THAT could make a LOT of compost!

Did you know that the U.S.A. spends about 1 billion dollars a year to dispose of food waste? Wow!

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