Friday, September 2, 2016

Dear Ray School Families,

We have had a fabulous first few days of school. The Ray School Staff is excited to have our students back in the building. Our days have been filled with celebrations, exploration, and the sounds of joyful learning happening around the building. Thanks to the PTO for all their support welcoming new families to the Ray School and for the wonderful Ray School t-shirts that were provided to the staff.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that our morning drop off is safe and efficient. Our first few days have been very successful in getting students into the building for learning time. As a reminder, please maintain a slow speed and pull all the way around the drop off loop before your child exits the car from the right side onto the sidewalk.  Additionally, if you are parking, please make sure you are using a marked parking spot and not blocking other vehicles. This is a work in progress, but it is certainly headed in the right direction!

We wanted to share with you a snapshot of what has been happening around the school this week.

Kindergarten: Kindergarteners are off to a great start! They have spent the past couple of days getting to know one another and the routines of the classroom. There has been lots of wonderful sharing of ideas and exploring in the classroom.  There was plenty of time to make new friends and a lot of laughing and exploring!  

1st: First graders were engaged in exploration activities. They learned about different spaces in the classroom and how to use classroom materials in a fun and safe way. They have been observing Monarch caterpillars and chrysalises and reviewing the butterfly life cycle.

2nd: Second grade is building community by holding classroom meetings to learn names and classroom expectations. There were great read-alouds and fun conversations! They are also learning to be independent with classroom routines and "Read to Self."

3rd: Third graders are hard at work learning about what will happen in third grade. There were conversations about how to be a friend and what students had done over the summer.Third graders also interviewed and presented a classmate to the rest of the class in order to get to know each other better.  Third graders developed and agreed to follow their classroom expectations and four pillars upon which their classroom communities will be based.

4th: Fourth grade has already started their first science unit in the outdoor classroom. All classes have been visiting Camp Brook and developing search images as they strengthen their observation skills as scientists. One exciting observation students have made is the plethora of fry in our environment. We hypothesize that the 5th grade fry drop last spring has something to do with this.

5th: Fifth grade is learning about problem solving and working in partners and small groups. Students are learning that it is ok to make mistakes, and fifth grade is full of opportunities to ask questions, seek answers, and learn new things!

Art: Students in art learned about all the great tools available for creative work this year. They participated in scavenger hunts, learned about upcoming projects, and started to explore! Students are learning about the 3 Rs: Rights, Respect, and Responsibility; how to “Sit like Mona” for directions; and the rule of art: Be Nice!

Spanish: Spanish classes, now kindergarten through fifth grade, are already listening, speaking, and learning in Spanish. Students were learning new vocabulary through singing Spanish songs.

PE: In PE, students learned their new PE groups and reviewed expectations for safe play. Play hard, play safe, play fair! Students played a fun game of partner tag and worked together through communication and peer encouragement.

Music: Music classes are reviewing the round “Make New Friends” and remembering how to sing it in Spanish. The chorus classes are looking forward to learning what their concert pieces will be!

Library: There was a lot of work done in the library over the summer. It continues to be a warm, inviting place filled with a lot of adventure through reading books!

Therapy Dog

This year the Ray School with be sharing a therapy dog, Sawyer, a five-month-old Goldendoodle, with RMS. While Sawyer is at Ray School, he will spend most of his time with Karen Strickland in Karen’s office area. Sawyer is available to be used by any of the service providers in that area. Sawyer will be on a leash at all times and with an adult. If you have a questions or concerns please contact Kevin Cotter at kevincotter@hanovernorwichschools.org.

Hanover Police

Sargent Bates stopped by the school this week. He asked us to remind the community about Reservoir Road. The speed limit is always 25 mph,  in the school zone it is 20 mph, and in the parking lot it is 10 mph. The Hanover Police Department will be present in our area to ensure student and family safety.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Tuesday!

Kevin Cotter and Lauren Amrhein

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