Events at a Glance
  • September 12- Dot Day
  • September 15 - Picture Day
  • September 16 - First Sing-A-Long for parents
  • September 16 - 5th Grade Parent Information Night @ 5:30pm
  • September 17 - 3rd Grade Open House @ 5:30pm
  • September 17 - Ellis Music Band Instrument Rental Night @ 6:30 pm
  • September 23 - Newcomer's Coffee @ 9:00am
  • September 23 - 2nd Grade Parent Information Night @ 6:00pm
  • September 23 - 4th Grade Parent Information Night @ 5:00pm
  • September 30 - Principal Forum @ 9:00am
  • October 2 - Ms. Beth's Class Pot Luck @ 5:00pm
  • October 8 - Walk to School Day
  • October 10 - School Closed for Teacher Inservice Day
  • October 13 - School Closed for Columbus Day
Ray School News
Important Reminders:
  • Morning Drop Off - There is no adult supervision on the playground until 7:45am so children should not be dropped off at school before then.
  • Bus Passes - Students who need to get off at a different stop, are riding a bus home they don't normally take, or are taking the bus to a friend's house they need to have a bus pass issued by the Ray School office.  The note needs to state the child's name, the bus number they will be riding and the bus stop they will get off at.  Stating the student is going home is not sufficient since the home address may not be an actual bus stop.  The bus schedules are listed on our web site.
  • Absences or Late Arrivals - If your child is going to be absent from school or arrive to school late (after 8:15am), you need to let the teacher and/or school office be aware of this.  When students arrive late to school they need to stop in the office to be checked in and pick up a pass to give to his/her teacher.
  • Locked Doors - We will continue to have the doors locked during school hours unless there is a school wide event going on.   If you come to the school at times other than a school wide event, you need to check into the office and obtain a visitor's badge.  The new entrance for visitors is to the left after you enter the school.  If you do not see anyone at the desk, you will need to ring the bell which is located on the left hand side of the office window.
  • After School Changes - After school plans should  be clearly conveyed to your children prior to them arriving to school, a confirmation e-mail to the office and teacher can be helpful as well, but keep in mind we cannot ensure that we will note last minute changes in time before dismissal.  It is not always possible to reach a child and/or teacher prior to dismissal as they may not be in their classroom and it is disruptive to other classes when we have to page people during class time.
  • Lost & Found - Please label all of your children's belongings with their name that they bring to school (ie - back pack, lunch bag, clothes, books, etc).  Our lost and found is now located down by the gym, but it is much easier to return a child's lost item if it is labeled.

Notes From the Ray Cafe

Parents who have not yet set up a Mealtime On-line account, please email Victoria.Baughman@RaySchool.org to obtain a pass code for your child.  
Along with the pass code you will receive a link to Mealtime and detailed instructions on how to set up and pay for your students lunches.

If  you prefer to pay by cash or check, please be sure to include your child's first and last name. 
Checks should be made out to Hanover School District. 
Please be sure to keep your accounts funded so they do not fall into a negative balance. 

For more information, please visit the Ray School web site and click on the Ray Cafe page. 
There you will find information on price of lunch, milk choices, monthly menu and other helpful information. 

Mealtime Account Adjustments

If your child purchased lunch between September 2nd and September 9th you will notice they were charged last years lunch price of $3.10.  Mealtime will be making a lump sum adjustment of .15 times the number of lunches purchased during those 6 days.   This is to adjust for the price increase for the 2014-2015 school year.   As of September 10th, the mealtime system is correctly charging $3.25 per lunch.  This adjustment will be posting to accounts on Monday September 15th.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Notes From the Principal

There is nothing like completing the week with International Dot Day!  With thousands of dots adorned on shirts, pants, and backpacks, we've served our world well by supporting this wonderful event.  HooRAY for RAY!   
Dot Day!

The first month of school has many milestones to celebrate, including one of my favorite programs for our grade 5 students - outdoor leadership training at the Hulbert Center.   Fifth graders (and their teachers) will spend two days learning cooperative games, team building activities, and leadership development.  It's a rewarding experience and truly sets the tone for the school year.

Join me on Tuesday, September 16 for the first Principal Forum.  We will meet in the main office conference room at 9:00am, or at 6:00pm. Come for a tour of the renovated building, and learn more about our professional development goals for the year.  

Enjoy your weekend!

Notes From the Health Office

There were 2 cases of lice reported in school this week. Please be sure to check your children for the the presence of lice or nits (eggs) this week and each week throughout the school year.  
  1. Check your child's head weekly for lice and/or nits (eggs). If you find head lice please notify the school.
  2. Check all family members for the presence of lice.  
  3. Lice is spread by direct head to head contact.  Notify other parents of your child’s playmates, team members, or other close contacts to alert them to perform daily checks over the next couple weeks.
  4. When head lice are identified, children should be treated immediately with a lice shampoo following the package instructions exactly as directed, followed by a thorough combing with a nit comb.   
  5. Nit combing is the MOST IMPORTANT lice control measure. People report that the metal lice combs or a flea comb work best.  Children may return to school when treatment is completed. Daily head checks and nit removal should continue for 3 weeks until head lice are gone.  After that continue with weekly checks to detect re-infestation. 
  6. Don’t share headgear, brushes, pillows, stuffed animals with other family members. 
  7. Keep long hair braided.
Refer to the health office website for more information or call the health office if you have any questions.

Notes from the Ray School PTO

Picture Day
Though school has just begun, Picture Day is right around the corner - Monday, September 15th.
PTO volunteers help make this process smooth and efficient.  Are you able to help?  If you can spare an hour or more to help in school on Monday, September 15th (anytime between 8:30 and 2:30), please contact parent volunteer Janet Simmons at janetsim3@gmail.com.  Thank you!

Newcomer's Coffee
The Ray School PTO would like to invite new families to our school to attend the annual Newcomer's CoffeeNew parents come to informally meet administration, PTO members and representatives of community organizations. The coffee will be held next Tuesday September 23rd starting after sing-a-long (around 9:00am) in our office conference room. It is an excellent opportunity to find out more about local community activities and meet other new families.

PTO Fall picnic & Dance
Friday, October 17th
Picnic 5:30-6pm (weather permitting)
Dance 6-7pm, dance to the music of The Flames

Of Local Interest

Please use the contact information provided for additional information regarding these events.

  • Empower Lacrosse, the UV girls' lacrosse club, starts their fall clinic series this Sunday, September 14th.  Clinics run 3:30 - 5 pm at Huntley Meadows in Norwich for 8 Sundays/thru Nov. 2.  Sign up asap at empowerlacrosseclub.com
  • Preschool soccer program at Hampshire Cooperative Nursery School (ages 3-5). Sign up now at www.hampshirecooperative.org first practice September 18
  • Kendall of Hanover Blood Drive  September 18  11:00am - 4:00pm
  • Hanover youth hockey ..Used skate/ equipment sale sun sept 21 campion rink.Drop off gear at 7;30 sale starts 9 ;00 am contact jeffreybgraham23@gmail.com
  • Hanover Hockey House (limited travel) Team  For more information contact Tris Wykes (ctwykes@aol.com) (kids born 2004-2005); birth year 2000-2003 contact Derek Callaway (derekcallaway@gmail.com).  Register at www.hanoverhockey.org
  • Speed Skating, Basic Skills, Preschool Learn to Skate, Hockey Edge Power Skating and Freestyle Skating September 21 (registration required)  www.skatingclubatdartmouth.org
  • TopSoccer for children ages 4-21 with disabilities - Contact Deborah Thompson (802) 457-9289 or thompson.deb@myfairpoint.net
  • Hampshire Cooperative Nursery School has openings in its 2, 3-day, and afternoon classes. Contact Linda Shemanske at 603-643-4640 or go to www.hampshirecooperative.org
  • Hanovery Nursery School openings in 4 yr old class - contact Kelly Ciombor at 603-643-3315 or www.hanovernursery.com
  • CraftStudies @ the Hanover League of NH Craftsmen after school classes contact 603-643-5384 or www.craftstudies.org/children.html
  • Opera North vocal auditions September 20th & 21st contact 603-448-4141 or www.opernanorth.org
  • Howe Library - Ray School PTO Costume Swap October 5th Questions? Please contact Maribel Souther at marchez96@gmail.com