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Today is the final day to complete our annual Ray School Family Survey. The survey can be found via the web at: Annual Ray School Family Survey or you may request a paper copy from the Ray School office.

Colonial Days
With Colonial Days in full swing, the second grade students participated in the Ray School version of the Boston Tea Party. As a result, they received a visit from the Governor of Massachusetts, General Thomas Gage. He let the classes know that King George closed Boston Harbor. He also told the classes that King George was requiring them to pay England for the tea they dumped into the Boston Harbor. Finally, he declared that the Quartering Act was in effect, so the second grade colonists would be required to allow British soldiers to stay in their homes. This was met with shock by the colonists. They don't know how they will survive without the ability to receive goods into the Boston Harbor. One colonist demanded to see the governor's license. Some of the other colonies have already reached out to let the second grade know they will help by sending supplies. Please see our very own General Thomas Gage below. This most certainly was a memorable event for all.

Medieval Village
As second graders experience Colonial Days, two of our fifth grade classes have traveled back to medieval times. On Thursday, Mr. Stone and Ms. Hareld opened their Medieval Village for school visitors. This week, the classes hosted their end of the year performance of “A Day in the Life in a Medieval Village.” Students wrote scripts based on characters they created after they studied the middle ages in Europe. All of the characters students dreamt up either lived in a medieval village or castle. Students designed and built props, drew and painted scenery, and put together their costumes. The students performed remarkably in their non-traditional play.


2nd Grade Sing Along with Parents
Parents and family members are invited to attend second grade Sing Along on Wednesday, June 14th. Guests will be seated at 10:55am and will conclude at 11:25am. Come sing some old favorites from K/1 Sing Along and learn some new songs as well.

Nihonmatsu Student Visit 
Hanover’s Friendship City – Nihonmatsu Japan – Middle School Student Exchange Visit Happens July 29th-August 1st more info

RMS Robotics for Current Ray School 5th Graders
Richmond Middle School is pleased to announce the continuation of their enrichment program, RMS Robotics, for the fall of 2017. RMS Robotics is an after school program for students that meets during the months of September, October and November. Please see this letter for more information.

Enjoy the weekend,
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