Dear Ray School Families,

Throughout the year, Ray School staff members have various opportunities to attend professional development. In November, the Ray School sent a team of grade level representatives to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Innov8 conference. Ingrid Stallsmith, Caren Whaley, Becca Sexton, Tia James, Michelle Landry, Joy Roy, and Tracy Malloy attended. On Wednesday, they presented an overview of their experience to the Ray staff.

As shared by the representatives, "The conference experience was designed to support mathematics teachers and teams in identifying, analyzing, and planning for instruction and intervention around a self-identified problem of practice related to learners who struggle in mathematics. We worked as a team to develop a plan to address a challenge we are facing as a school. In years past...pictures came from rolls of film. I always felt like one good picture meant the roll was a success. Attending this conference was like taking an entire roll of pictures that are keepers. We have all examined our own practice as a result of attending this conference, and have made significant changes to the way we teach mathematics. We hope this time captures the highlights of the conference, and that you will share our excitement as you examine your own practice."

For the next hour and a half, the representatives led the staff through some of the most important take-aways, followed by hands-on activities that could be implemented immediately in the classroom. Thank you, Innov8 Team, for such an enriching staff development experience!

New Staff at Ray
Please join us in giving a warm welcome to some new staff members you will be seeing around!
Drew Smialek
The Learning Place
 Darby Hiebert
 Educational Assistant
2nd Grade
 Cathrin Goss
The Learning Place
 Theresa Quinn
Learning Specialist

Ken Eastman Hoodie Day
For those of you who didn't have the pleasure of meeting Ken, he was an exceptional Ray School educational assistant, kickball referee, High Five guy and JV basketball coach at Hanover High School. He died suddenly of heart failure in February 2012. He would literally high five each student who walked by him before the start of each day. The High Five sign hanging in the 4th grade wing with his picture was created in his memory. In the mural outside of the music room, there is a heart painted on the basketball for Ken. We honor his caring and dedicated spirit (and athletic fashion!) by wearing a hoodie on the Friday before February Break. Please join us in celebrating his memory.

Math Night
On Thursday, March 9th, the Ray School in conjunction with PTO will host its annual Family Math Night starting at 6:00pm. Students will have the opportunity to share and learn different math games. As a bonus, students will have the chance to win a giant jar full of candy for their class with the most accurate estimate of how much candy is actually in the jar.

RMS Transition Meeting
Informational Meeting for RMS Transition for Ray School 5th Grade Parents: March 21st 6-7 PM, Ray School Multi Purpose Room. Please join the RMS School Counselors, John LaCrosse and Liz Powers, as well as Principal Mike Lepene and Associate Principal Amanda Yates for a Q & A session. This initial meeting for parents of current 5th graders will help answer questions about topics including choosing classes, the schedule, the elective program, and the structure of middle school teams. We hope to see you there!

We hope you enjoy the weekend!
Kevin and Lauren

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