Dear Ray School Families,

It's been wonderful to finally have a full five days of school this week! With only a few more weeks until February break, we are glad to have this time together focused on learning. On Ground Hog Day, 6 more weeks of winter was predicted. Only time will tell!

Band and String Performance
On Thursday, February 2nd we had the wonderful opportunity of listening to students perform for an audience of peers and parents.  Thank you to Bob Maurer and Hannah Rommer for working with our students and allowing them to showcase their hard work! 


Ken Eastman Hoodie Day
For those of you who didn't have the pleasure of meeting Ken, he was an exceptional Ray School educational assistant, kickball referee, High Five guy and JV basketball coach at Hanover High School. He died suddenly of heart failure in February 2012. He would literally high five each student who walked by him before the start of each day. The High Five sign hanging in the 4th grade wing with his picture was created in his memory. In the mural outside of the music room, there is a heart painted on the basketball for Ken. We honor his caring and dedicated spirit (and athletic fashion!) by wearing a hoodie on the Friday before February Break. Please join us in celebrating his memory.

NAEP Testing
Fourth graders will be taking the National Assessment of Educational Progress on Wednesday, February 8th. Fourth grade parents can contact teachers directly with questions. 

RMS Transition Meeting
Informational Meeting for RMS Transition for Ray School 5th Grade Parents: March 21st 6-7 PM, Ray School Multi Purpose Room. Please join the RMS School Counselors, John LaCrosse and Liz Powers, as well as Principal Mike Lepene and Associate Principal Amanda Yates for a Q & A session. This initial meeting for parents of current 5th graders will help answer questions about topics including choosing classes, the schedule, the elective program, and the structure of middle school teams. We hope to see you there!

Lost and Found
Families have been doing a wonderful job labeling clothing, but we have noticed a lot of water bottles are not being labeled.  Unfortunately, for sanitary reasons we are unable to donate these to Listen. We wound up throwing out seven water bottles this month because they weren't labeled.  If there are labeled items in the Lost and Found, we do everything we can to return them to the student, teacher, or parent.  Listen truly appreciates all of the donations we give them, but we prefer to return the items to the rightful owner first and give you the chance to decide to donate or not.  Please help us help you by labeling your child's items.

Friendly Mid-Year Reminders
Unbelievably, we are past the half way mark of the school year. We would like to take the opportunity to send out some reminders.
  • Please make sure you child has appropriate outdoor winter clothing everyday so they can participate in recess and stay warm when dropped off in the morning.
  • If your child is going to be late or absent, please let the office and classroom know. If the classroom teacher is out, the office doesn't always get the message.
  • If your child is going to be late and needs to order school lunch, please advise the office before 8:30am.  The Cafe needs to get a count of what is being ordered so they have enough time to prepare the proper amount of food.
  • If your child has had a fever or vomiting, they need to stay home at least 24 hours of being fever free and without vomiting to limit exposure to other children and/or staff.

We hope you enjoy the weekend!
Kevin and Lauren

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