Dear Ray School Families,

The weather has been beautiful this week, with a few April showers, seemingly indicating that it's time for us to celebrate spring! We hope that your break is restful, relaxing, and invigorating. We look forward to having staff, students, and families back at the Ray School on April 24th. Have a wonderful April vacation!

Last Day of School
The last day of school will be Thursday, June 22nd at noon.

Camp Brook Trout Release
Last year, fifth grade students started to participate in the Trout in the Classroom program through the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Each January, one of the fifth grade teachers will travels to the fish hatchery in New Durham, NH to pick up approximately 400 trout eggs. Students monitor the tank temperature and make adjustments to help control the trout's development. In the fall, students test the water quality at Camp Brook with help from Judy Tumosa from NH Fish and Game, to make sure the brook will be a suitable habitat for eastern brook trout.

On Wednesday, fifth grade students released the eastern brook trout fry into Camp Brook. Each student safely walked down with a cup of trout and chose a spot to release the fish. If all goes well, the 400 or so trout will go on to live happy, healthy lives and grow an inch or so each year. Maybe in a few years, you might even catch a brookie if you’re fishing near Storrs Pond!

You can also check out a couple pictures the Valley News published here.

Annual Spring International Potluck
Please bring a dish for eight people to share on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 starting at 5:30 outside under the tent next to little play space (music room in case of rain). Please label your dish so others will know what they are enjoying! A great opportunity to connect with old and new friends and try many delicious international foods from all over the world.

Please RSVP to Kristin Olmstead at kristin.olmstead@rayschool.org (ESOL Teacher) or Anne Wortmann (Ray PTO) at am@fam-wortmann.dk

Spring Safety
As we move into spring and dust off our scooters, skateboards, and bikes, let’s make sure our Ray kids are safe! Students in grades 3-5 will participate in a bike safety presentation during P.E. class on April 24 & 25. Scott Hunt from Dartmouth Safety & Security will talk to students about riding their bike safely, properly fitting helmets, and how to avoid hazards while biking.  Here are some other bike safety events in the area:

Safe Kids 500 - FREE event held at the NH Motor Speedway in Loudon, Wednesday, May 3rd, organized by CHaD - Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Safe Kids New Hampshire. This is a unique opportunity for kids to ride their bides on the Speedway!

Bike Rodeo - FREE K-5 event held in the Ray School parking lot on Saturday, May 6th, organized by Hanover Parks & Recreation.
The law in NH requires that children under the age of 16 wear helmets when bicycling. As reported by safekids.org, properly fitted helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by at least 45 percent - yet less than half of children 14 and under usually wear a bike helmet. If purchasing a helmet for your child presents a financial hardship please reach out to Laura Perras, Ray School Nurse. She has resources available to help ensure that your child has a helmet.

Bike/Walk to School Day
On Wednesday, May 10th, we will take part in National Walk/Bike to School Day. Bike riders come to school on their own schedules. It is suggested that any students biking to school have a parent/guardian go with them if this is something the student does not already do alone and on a regular basis. Walkers meet at specific places, and walk to school in a group. We do not have designated adults to walk from each meeting spot so parents/guardians please walk if your schedule allows to help keep the children safe. Here are some pedestrian safety rules to follow:
  • Walk together and share the sidewalk/road by walking no more than two by two
  • Stop at road crossings and cross together as a group so we do not hold up traffic
  • Walk facing traffic when there isn't a sidewalk
  • When using the Multi Use Path along route 10, please walk/ride on the right hand side, pass on the left, and make sure to alert other pedestrians when you are passing them
  • Please use caution on Rip Road as there is no sidewalk!

Here are the meeting locations:
  • Greensboro Road at Lebanon St. (Rt. 120) @ 6:55am
  • Carter St/Brockway St and Lebanon St. @ 7:10am
  • Wyeth & Dunster @ 6:55 am on to Brook Rd @ 7:00am
  • Dartmouth Green @ 7:15am
  • Balch & Park Street meeting up with the Green walkers @ 7:25am at traffic light
  • Bottom of hill at Camp Brook Road @ 7:40am and on to meet the group at the bottom of MacDonald Drive
  • Bottom of hill MacDonald Drive @ 7:45am
  • Meadow Lane (Verona, Willow Springs) @ 7:25am
  • Kingsford, Rayton, Haskins & Low @ 7:30am
  • Fletcher Circle @ 7:50am
  • Curtis, Woodmore, Dresden, Bridgeman neighborhood meet at Curtis/Reservoir @ 7:55am or take your usual short cut to school

Tick Season
The other thing that spring brings is TICKS! Grades 3-5 will use the wooded area behind the school on good weather days for P.E. class. Please remember to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and child from ticks. Mr. Condon and Ms. Brauch will leave time at the end of each P.E. class for students to do a tick check. Please make sure to do one at home each night as well.

Green Up Ray on Green Up Day!
On May 6th, come by the Ray School to Green Up Ray on your way to the Green Up Day celebration at Storrs Pond. Click here for more information.

RAY ART at The Howe Library
For the month of April, the Howe Library will be displaying Ray School Art Work! Art from kindergarten, first grade, and second grade will be on display for the entire month. Make sure to stop by!

Summer Social Skills Camp Coyote 2017
We are proud to announce that we will be offering Camp Coyote again this summer at the Ray School. Campers will be organized into small groups by age while learning and practicing social skills utilizing the Michelle Winner Social Thinking program through play and structured activities. Camp Coyote is focused on social skill development and more highly structured, positive social interactions with peers, but is not an academic program. Students eligible are rising kindergartners through sixth graders with a range of social skill abilities. We begin each morning with community building activities and have structured activities, games, and trips to Storrs Pond recreation area. Camp will be held from 9:00am-1:00pm, Monday through Thursday from July 10th - August 3rd at the Ray School. For students who haven't attended Camp Coyote in the past, we do require a two week minimum enrollment. For students who have participated in the past, they can sign up in weekly increments. The cost is $170.00 per week for students who attend the Ray School and Camp Coyote is not part of their extended school year services. Registration closes on April 30th. If you have any questions or would like to register your child, please contact Russell Ward: russell.ward@rayschool.org.

Have a wonderful break!
Kevin and Lauren

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