Dear Ray School Families,

Thank you to our PTO for hosting a great fall sock hop dance last Friday night! The turnout was wonderful, the cake was delicious, and The Flames did a great musical performance! There were tons of smiles, lots of laughing, and some excellent costumes and dance moves! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful organization to bring our Ray School community together! 

This week's Kids and Community program welcomed 5 new members into the school. This was our fourth week and our cards featured Luke Ratliff, HHS student; Liz Burdette, Asst. Director of Hanover Parks and Recreation; Kelly McConnell, Chair of the Hanover School Board; Firefighter Troy Leatherman; and Lt. Scott Rathburn of the Hanover Police Department. All of these community members, along with Firefighter Jay, Firefighter Jere, and Captain Mike, and Officers Kuehlwein, Paulsen and Cunningham came to visit with the children. Many thanks to all the community members who are coming out each week to support us!

Our school is focusing on Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). Please considering talking to your child about paying it forward and participating in those random kind acts. 

School-Wide Lock-Down Drill 
Of great importance for next week, we will be having our first school-wide lock-down drill on Tuesday, October 25th at 1:20pm.  Our Emergency Management Team met with Sergeant Matt Ufford and Officer Rick Paulsen to develop a clear, concise plan of action. The logistics of the process have been shared with all staff members. The procedure and expectations will be shared by staff with students, and this drill is announced. Please ask your child about what has been shared with them and reach out to us with any questions. 

During a lock-down drill, a sign will be posted on the front double doors that indicates we are in a drill. At that time, we ask community members and parents to remain in their cars until the conclusion of the drill. You will know the drill is over when the sign has been removed. In planning any appointments or early pick ups, please keep this drill in mind as no one will be exiting or entering the building during the drill. 

Community Superintendent Search Meeting
There will be a community forum for the Superintendent Search on November 2, 7:00pm, at HHS. Please join us!

Picture Re-takes
LifeTouch will be back on Tuesday, November 8th for picture re-takes.  If you want your child(ren) to have pictures re-taken, please make sure to send back the original set of photos you received. 

Enjoy the weekend,
Kevin and Lauren

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