Dear Ray School Families,

This week, some of our students made gingerbread houses with the help of parents that contributed materials and volunteered their time in the classrooms. Another classroom had a parent making delicious pancakes! Thank you for the things you do to enrich our students' lives! We look forward to seeing you at our holiday concerts in the upcoming weeks.


School Spotlight: Art! 
Each art lesson begins with an exploratory exercise featuring a Birthday Artist.  This is a great way to introduce art history, criticism, techniques and artists to the students. The students really seem to enjoy learning about a variety of artists.

During the month of December, the art room and the kiln are a buzz!  Each student creates a project in clay, with the hope of it becoming a special gift or memory of the season.  Some clay pieces require two firings: one for bisqueware and one for glazing. The students simply LOVE playing in clay!

We are also creating decorations for the winter chorus concerts.  Students have been working in cooperative groups and were given colored scraps of paper, scissors, circle tracers and glue sticks.  It has been SO exciting to see students brainstorm and create together with limited instructions.  The results are quite stunning.  Be sure to check them out at the upcoming concerts. The new year will bring lots of cross curricular work!   And of course, don't forget to check out the amazing artwork on display at the Mascoma Savings Bank through the new year!


Please visit our web page during the year to see the other amazing things we are creating! 

Holiday Concert Schedule
12/14 - 2nd/3rd Choral Concert @ 10:30-11:30
12/15 - Informal Band Concert @ 12:00
12/16 - 4th/5th Choral Concert @ 10:30-11:30
12/21 - K/1 Holiday Sing Along @ 8:30

Concert Parking
We are looking forward to having you in the school for our annual holiday concerts!  We realize that parking is a challenge during our school events, but please only park on one side of the circle or in designated parking spaces in case emergency vehicles need to enter the lot.

Snow Gear Reminder
Now that winter is here, please help your student come to school with warm snow gear, appropriate for outdoor recess in snowy weather. Students should have boots, snow pants, hats, gloves, and a jacket in order to go outside. Remember to label your child's snow gear, as these items can be misplaced! Students should have sneakers to wear while inside during the school day. Thank you for your help with this! 

Have a restful weekend,
Kevin and Lauren

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