Parent Portal

Dear Parent/Guardian,
It is once again time to complete the annual forms for your child(ren) in our schools, and confirm/update what we have on file for contact information, medical details, permissions, etc. Please do this EVEN IF you have already filled out paper forms, to make sure that what we have in the computer is accurate. Below you will find instructions for creating a PowerSchool parent portal account if you have not yet done so already. If you already created an account in PowerSchool last year for ANY of your children, you do NOT need to create another account; just proceed to the "RETURNING FAMILIES" section below.
NEW FAMILIES: The way it works is, you set up your own account using whatever username and password you choose; then, the special access ID and password listed on the email you were previously sent allows you to link your child's data with your account. Later, if you have other children in any of our schools, you will be able to add them to your account as well, using their unique access IDs and password. Again, if you already created an account in PowerSchool last year for ANY of your children, you do NOT need to do it again; skip down to the RETURNING FAMILIES section below.
1) Go to
2) Click on the "Create Account" tab
3) Click on the "Create Account" button
4) Fill in your information at the top of the screen, including your desired username and password
5) Fill in the full name of your student, along with his or her Access ID and Password below. NOTE: They are both case-sensitive, and you CANNOT copy and paste them, you must type them! (Sorry!)
6) Select your relationship to the student (e.g. "mother" or "father")
7) Click the Enter button

Just log in to your existing parent account at, add any new/younger children via Account Preferences" -> "Students" tab -> "Add", and proceed to InfoSnap.
Once you're logged in to your PowerSchool account and have added all of your children, please click the InfoSnap link on the left for each of them.
If you have any problems or questions, please contact the tech support staff via emailing

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter!