For many years Halloween was a most festive occasion. It was celebrated to the hilt with costumes, games, and classroom parties. At first there was just a parade, something which attracted townspeople as well as parents. A
ll the students and teachers would dress up and with the principal in the lead march around the blacktop in step to the tunes of the Ray School Band, a small group of teachers playing favorite marches.

For a few years, activities were added to the parade making the occasion an all day event, which, as anyone can imagine, the children loved.

A week beforehand, teachers would gather at someone’s house and make over 500 donuts for the donut-on-the-string event. On Halloween, the children were divided into groups and went to a different area of the school where they would, with their classmates, go through a number of activities from eating a homemade donut-on-astring, to dunking for apples, to blowing peanuts through straws from one point to another, to riding a broom in a relay contest.

Halloween seemed the children’s favorite holiday, so we all joined in their fun!

June, 2008