Retiree Dedications

A school is a memorable place because the people who work there are memorable people. Several years ago, the Ray School PTO began the tradition of dedicating something to the school in the name of a retiree. These gifts now reside throughout the school and its environs, adding to the daily scene of the present while serving as a memory of the past.

Around the school are several rocking chairs with a plaque naming the honored retiree, Ann Atwood, Fifth grade teacher, Elaine Hawthorne, Second grade teacher, Loretta Murphy, Principal, and more. These resided in the library for a while, but when the library was refurnished the rockers were placed in different spots in the building.

When Sara Demont, K-l teacher, left, the PTO had constructed a curved trellis at the entrance to the picnic table area outside the staff lounge.

Keene, long time librarian, was honored with an original painting by Anne Sibley O’Brien, an illustrator, who illustrates children’s books such a, “Talking Walls.” This painting hangs in the gathering place in the library, where classes meet with the librarian to read and discuss books.

When Ann Bradley, School Nurse, left, a mural was painted in the nurse’s office by Judy Herr, third grade ed
ucational assistant, in the waiting room area, making the wait more pleasurable.
When Donna Butler, Music teacher retired, a grand piano was purchased with grant money, and given to the school in her name. A plaque in her honor can be found on the piano bench.

In a hallway a bench reminds those passing by of Jack Wilde, first, third, and mostly fifth grade teacher. The plaque has on it the quote: “Teaching, I believe, is an art,” taken from Mr. Wilde’s published book, “The Door Opens”, a book on the writing process.