The Loom

In the mid 198
0′s, the school acquired a large loom. It was located in the hallway near what is presently the Ray Cafe. Dot Strong, next door neighbor to the school, spent hours at it each day helping all children, especially fourth graders, weave rugs and place mats. Many of the creations were used in the Colonial House, but oftentimes they were sold. She would help the children through the whole process. They would take wool from a recently shorn sheep and card it, spin it into yarn, wind it onto spools, and finally weave it into decorative pieces. They also learned how to dye the wool, sometimes using plants. Sitting side by side with Dot on the loom’s bench, they chatted as they bent over their chore. They learned from her much more than words like, warp and weft. If one closed their eyes, the scene appeared directly from a mill in Ireland. When the school was renovated, the hallway was made smaller and the loom was taken apart and stored in the custodian’s work area.
After many years of lying in pieces, it was recovered and given to the Stonewall Farm in Keene. It is now located in the new education center and bears a small plaque saying, “Donated by the Bernice A. Ray School, Hanover, NH.”