Second Grade Gift Shop

The Second Grade Gift Shop was held during the holiday season. A few weeks before, the children, with many parent volunteers, could be found busily creating crafts such as clothes pin ornaments that looked like deer, writing pa
per, decorated pet stones, and, of course, many wonderful treats. One year someone came up with the idea of selling ties. Children brought in their father’s ties and everyone scrambled to buy them. They were always the first item to be sold out.

The sale took place around and in the multi. Classes were invited at half hour intervals. Most items were a nickel or a dime. No item cost
more than a quarter, and many of the younger children went home with gifts for the whole family.

It was always a huge success. The money was used to fund many worthwhile projects, one of which involved Judy Harvey (teacher) planting many trees, shrubs, and bushes near the pond area to attract insects, animals, birds etc.

Sharon Poulin
retired 2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher