Fifth Grade Tumbling Show

Tumbling was a favorite unit in Physical Education classes. And, the fifth grade tumbling show just tumbled out of it one year. The early shows were in the Multi and usually ran along a theme. One year, for example, they honored the space program. The students, both individually and in small groups, demonstrated their tumbling skills to the delight of the younger children in the school.

After the new gymnasium was built, the shows continued, but instead of a story line, what the boys and girls demonstrated was the ability of children to work together cooperatively in small groups made up of people whose skills were varied and at different levels of ability. This came about at the same time as the school turned to the 3R’s (Rights, Respect, Responsibility) for help at learning how to live together as a community.
In recent years, though the 3R’s remains the main challenge, a theme has also been added. The first year, the group, in celebration of the whole school production of “Dragons”, had to include a dragon that could walk three steps and roar. The next year was a rock and roll theme, so each group had to include the twist. And, this year, the groups in celebration of the Summer Olympics, each picked one of the sports of the Olympics and somewhere in their routine acted out the playing of the sport!

A cornerstone of the show is finding one person who can walk from the entrance to mats….on his or her hands.

Always, these shows wow the audiences.

Debby Franzoni
Janice O’Donnell
PE Teachers
June, 2008