Universal Playspace

More recently, in the summer of 2006, a group of parents and teachers met to address the issues of accessibility and integration on Playspace. At about the same time, Partners in Health, with financial support from the Hood Center for Families, made grants available to schools interested in adapting or redesigning their
playgrounds so all children could play together. The Ray School School received a $10,000 Partners in Health grant which was used to pave walkways into and out of both playgrounds and to purchase an adapted swing, a set of sand diggers, chin-up bars, a multi height basketball hoop structure, and a picnic table that allows wheelchair accessibility.

Phase II of the project involved raising almost $60,000 to add a ramped structure to the back of Big Playspace that would be accessible for children in wheelchairs and would allow for more integrated play for all students. A generous donation from the Brie Foundation and a PTO grant helped kick off the fundraising efforts for Phase II of the Universal Playspace project. The Universal Playspace Committee hired Miracle Recreation and Equipment Company to design and install a new ramped structure that complimented Big Playspace and looked and felt like a “tree house”.
The Grand Opening of the Universal Playspace took place on September 28, 2007. That night, organizers were fearful that rain would postpone the ribbon cutting. But just before the ceremony was to begin, the rain stopped and a huge double rainbow appeared, framing the new Universal Playspace! Organizers saw the rainbow as a positive endorsement of all their efforts and a grand start to our new integrated playground.