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K-2 Sing-Along

As the number of classes increased (smaller class size), including Kindergarten in the music schedule became a difficulty. I thought that perhaps having a weekly sing-along would be the answer. Stefan Vogel, principal, played guitar and sang and was happy to be part of this. We included 1st grade and placed it on Friday afternoons. Recognizing that 2nd grade was the only grade not to have a second weekly music experience, it became K-2. Luckily, Dan Bell, a second grade teacher, also played guitar and sang and joined Stefan and me. We finished the week in the Multi singing along!
Ever expanding at Ray School, Dan went on to teach 5th grade and Donna and Ellen were granted (thank you, Bruce Williams) a day each week to create an integrated arts program, adding a new part time position in both art and music. Laurie MacGregor joined Donna in the Music Department and took over Singalong. With her abilities as a composer, she arranged songs for a “Band” to play each week. Never the same each week the Band included a number of guitars, accordion, trumpet, sax, trombone, and percussion. Throughout the year, each class presented a new song. The K-2 Sing-along group performed in the Holiday Program, by grade level and as an ensemble.

Donna Butler