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Tumbling Poem


Over and over, over and over.
Cartwheels like a windmill,
Handsprings like dolphins,
Aerials like oak leaves, flipping in the fall.
Over and over, over and over again.

Practice and repeat until it’s drilled into your mind.
Always look up.
Never stop smiling.
Katie Martin

From “I Will Sing Life”

Voices from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

On the following pages you will find a compendium of vivid stories about what makes the Ray School real. Although many people helped shape this book, especially Michelle Landry and Rosemary Ayres, the stories might well have been lost without Deb Franzoni’s wisdom and insight into what true education really is – sharing stories over and over, practicing and repeating until our minds absorb the lessons, always looking up and always smiling! Each story you read will spark ideas about the varied contributions of people to each project, other stories we need to share about other projects, and most importantly, the idea that so many people have put their hearts and souls into this school to make it a place of joyous learning.

From all of us to you, Deb – Thanks! ! !