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The Ray School Bunny

Standing beside the front showcase, in the main front hallway of the school is the “Ray School Bunny”. In 1979, when Marilyn “Willy” Black, was named Teacher of The Year for the nation, it was requested that when she met the President of the United States, then Jimmy Carter, she bring some gifts representing her school. The teachers decided that the school needed a mascot and the obvious one was the ”Bunny” in honor of the school’s namesake, Bernice ”Bunny” Ray. So, a tee shirt was created with the school’s new “Bunny” logo. The shirt went off to the President and the mascot remained at the school.

When Mrs. Black retired in 1992, she took up the hobby of chain saw art and one of her first creations, the Ray School Bunny, she donated to the school.