Web Site

Web Site. The Ray School website is a comprehensive resource for parents, staff, and the community. The website contains a wide variety of materials, describing the school, the classrooms and their programs.  A key feature of the website is that it is actually an "umbrella" made up of many smaller websites, each belonging to a department or a classroom. Each such "mini-website" is updated and maintained by the staff from that department.

It is easy to find things on the website by using the Search box at the top right.  Within the mini-websites, it is also possible to limit the search to that sub site, or to search the entire website.


Here are brief descriptions of the key website areas:


Principal's Corner:  News and articles provided by the school principal and vice-principal.


Staff Directory:  Telephone and email contact information for staff


Rays of Sunshine The archive of parent newsletters. A newsletter is issued every Fridayduring the school year.


Ray Cafe The school menu is listed here and can be viewed in a variety of formats.


Events:  The school calendar, showing upcoming school activities and events. The most recent upcoming events are also shown in the top right corner of the home page. Because this is a Google Calendar, it is possible to link to it directly, and receive automatic reminders.


Curriculum:  A summary of the school curriculum, with details by grade and by subject.


PTO News, activities, and information from the Parent Teacher Organization


Parent Handbook This document (which you might be looking at right now on the website)


Health Office: A summary of helpful information for parents on pertinent childhood health issues.


History:  A history of the Ray School, with interesting stories and photos from teachers past and present.


Classrooms:  This section is organized by grade, and provides links to the mini-website belonging to each classroom. Within each you can find staff photos, class schedules, newsletters, and even samples of student work.


Departments:  Another series of mini-websites, belonging to departments rather than classrooms.  These include the subjects that are taught outside of the classroom, such as Spanish, Music, and Physical Ed.  There is also a Pupil Services section with details about the various Special Education programs and resources.ow on the website)