Student Records

Parents have the right to review their child’s complete school record. As the principal or his/her designee must be present during the review, the parent must make an appointment in advance. If parents object to material contained in the record, they may request that the objectionable material be reviewed with the appropriate personnel. If the objection is overruled, the material will remain in the record, and the parent may place a written statement in the file explaining their objection.

Aside from parental and professional access within the school, student records are confidential in accordance with state and federal law (FERPA), and District policy (JRB). See Appendix C for details.

It is important for the school to have accurate student records. Please report any changes of address promptly during the school year to maintain effective emergency contact and good communication with teachers and staff. If a child is leaving the school district, please inform the school as early as possible to ensure a smooth transition of your child’s records, and to ease our planning for staff needs.