Other Parent Linkages

The Ray School welcomes a wide range of contact and communication with the Hanover community. In addition to the scheduled meetings, publications, web site, and other information channels, the following are common and convenient avenues for parent involvement.

Telephone contact. To minimize disruption during the morning teaching time, calls from parents will not be put through to a teacher’s classroom before 12:15. Before that time, the office staff will take a message. Avoid calling the school with a message for your child unless absolutely necessary. In the event of an emergency, call the school office (643-6655) to leave a message or to speak directly with your child. However, please make after-school plans in advance.

With permission of the teacher, a child may use the telephone in the classroom for school-related matters. Use of cell phones is not allowed during the school day.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Our PTO runs a variety of special programs and events, including school dances, Math Night and Literacy Night. It also provides special grants for teachers. In addition, the PTO disseminates information, fosters understanding between parents and teachers, and identifies ways to address common concerns. Membership forms are sent home at the start of the school year. Voluntary annual dues of $25 cover family memberships. The PTO website is www.RaySchool.org/pto.

The Parent Teacher Organization publishes a student directory each year with names, addresses, and phone numbers. Members receive a student directory prepared by volunteers. Parents will be notified before publication to provide the opportunity for updating changed information, or for removing a child from the list. The Ray School never gives out this kind of information over the phone.

School Visitors. Parents are encouraged to visit the school. Please make arrangements ahead of time and check in at the office when you arrive. An appointment is necessary to discuss your child’s progress or other matters with his/her teacher.

Volunteers. Volunteers are an important part of our educational team. We encourage parents to experience for themselves the philosophy and environment of the school. We also benefit from participation by older students, adults in the Hanover and Norwich community, and from Dartmouth College students. Call our Volunteer Coordinator, Kerry Artman (643-3431, ext 2124), about volunteer opportunities and ways in which you can share your special skills and knowledge with our students.

Volunteers involved in ongoing assistance will be named “Designated Volunteers” after background and criminal records check, in accordance with Policy IJOC and RSA 189:13-a. Volunteers also are required to sign a confidentiality statement.

Public Media Contact. Occasionally student activities are photographed by news organizations or videotaped by the school or local television stations. Most children enjoy seeing themselves on television or in the newspaper. If you do not want your child(ren) pictured in the news, please notify the school office in writing. The Ray School has no control over what the media choose to publish, but the school will not knowingly identify individual children to the media if parents have notified against it. If a media outlet wishes to identify your child in a particular article, the reporter will be encouraged to contact you in advance.

Donations and gifts. Holiday and end-of-school gifts to teachers are discouraged. Those wishing to express appreciation might consider a gift for the classroom or library. School District policy KHE on this subject is available in the school office, or at the SAU website.

Parent Fund-raising. Parent-sponsored fund-raising activities may be welcome if, in the opinion of the principal, the activity is linked to the school’s educational interests and does not interfere with school routine. District policies prohibit fund-raising for the school or district that uses students in door-to-door sales. District policy also requires Board approval to accept any gift or donation of $1000 or more.