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Homework is an important supplement to classroom lessons. Homework gives students practice in developing and reinforcing skills. It supplements the classroom programs, stimulates ability to plan and use time productively, and enhances parental interest and participation in the student’s school life.

Structured time and a quiet place for doing homework provide important support for all our children. Positive assistance with difficult homework problems can be productive for both parent and child, especially if praise is also offered for work that is correct.

Homework may be assigned at all grade levels, structured and assigned for age-appropriate learning:

Grades K-1. While we do not give formal homework at these grade levels, we encourage reading either by parent to child or by the child when appropriate. We encourage enriching educational experiences beyond the classroom, preferably connected to the ongoing activities in the classroom. Parents receive information from classroom teachers about current and future projects.

Grade 2. This year we emphasize the shared reading experiences between parent and child. As the year progresses, the expectation shifts from the parent reading aloud to the child reading independently for 15-20 minutes each day. Occasionally teachers will send home follow-up assignments in math, science, or social studies.

Grade 3. Homework, when assigned, is usually on Monday through Thursday. We expect students to read independently several days a week for 15-30 minutes per session, with emphasis on regularity and commitment. Additional homework may include spelling and grammar, math facts practice, math problem-solving, writing, map reading, or studying for tests. The amount of time spent on homework should not exceed 30 minutes.

In grades 4 and 5, greater emphasis is placed on each student’s independence and responsibility. Teachers will provide clear guidelines for parents through newsletters, open houses, and parent conferences. Parents may need to check work for completion and quality, but it is expected that students will complete assignments by themselves. Parents should seek advice from teachers if a child is having difficulty.

Grade 4. There will be regular homework Monday through Thursday, and occasionally on weekends for projects. Homework could be in all of the content areas, with reinforcement of math facts a regular area of endeavor. Children are encouraged to read and/or be read to on a regular basis.

Grade 5. Fifth graders will have homework every Monday through Thursday. Typically, students will read self-selected materials for 30 minutes each night and maintain a nightly reading log, signed by a parent. Approximately 30 minutes of additional homework will be assigned in one academic subject following a regular weekly pattern (e.g., Monday: reading response essay; Tuesday: math; Wednesday: spelling, etc.) One night each week an additional 15-20 minutes of French homework will also be assigned.