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Class Placement

Educational programs are based on a developmental approach, with emphasis on cognitive and affective growth, belief in the uniqueness of each learner, and appreciation of diversity. Each spring we give careful consideration to the learning style and needs of each student and to assigning classes for the upcoming year.

The placement process is a team endeavor. The goal is to provide each child with the best learning environment in the context of a productive and complementary group. We strive for ”balanced classes” with reasonable variety and distribution of strengths and weaknesses, boy-girl ratios, class size, learning styles, learning difficulties, social relationships, and teaching styles. Sending teachers, receiving teachers, learning specialists, and ”specials” teachers (e.g., art, music, school counselors) all participate in the design process. They consider social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development for each child.

”Parent Perspectives” forms are included with the summer letter communicating placement decisions for the upcoming school year. The ”Perspectives” information helps our staff to understand each student’s learning needs. We urge parents to return this information form each summer.