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Food at School

Food at School

Lunch. Each day there is a half-hour lunch period. Children may bring lunch from home or purchase a hot or cold lunch at the school cafeteria. Students eat in their classrooms, supervised by an adult. Parents are encouraged to provide nutritious foods using whole-grain bread, low-fat dairy products, and high-fiber ingredients.

Lunch menus are sent home regularly. Parents should discuss menu choices with a young child each day to help smooth his/her way through the lunch line.

Purchased lunches cost $3.50. Milk or juice alone cost 50 cents. Single or multiple lunches can be purchased on any school day between 8 and 8:30 a.m. No money is handled on the lunch line. Parents are encouraged to set up a multiple lunch allowance for their children. Cafeteria staff will provide students with reminder slips when their multiple lunch allowance runs low. Parents wishing to assist students with their first purchase may come to the cafeteria at 8 a.m. Checks should be made out to the Hanover School District.

The Ray School offers a Free and Reduced Lunch Program with federal funding. This program assists families by providing a healthy lunch to children at .50 cents per day or less. To apply for assistance, return the confidential Free and Reduced Lunch application that is sent home to all families on the first day of school. The form is also available throughout the school year, and may be submitted any time as family circumstances change.

Snacks. In addition to the half-hour lunch recess, each primary class has a morning recess of 15 minutes or longer. Usually we ask parents to provide a healthy snack to be eaten during the morning snack period. Students may not bring glass containers on the school bus or into the school.

Gum. Gum is not allowed unless it is part of a student’s academic learning plan.

Classroom treats and parties. Food for class parties should emphasize healthy snacks. The idea that good food can be fun is an important message to the children.

Birthdays may be recognized in the classroom with cake or cupcakes for snack time. All children in the class must be included. As food allergies have become a commonplace issue in schools, all food items to be shared at school must be accompanied by a food label or complete ingredient list. For families with a food allergy concern, parents are asked to provide an alternative snack to be available at school for their child during class parties.

If party invitations or valentines are given out at school, there must be one for each child in the class.

Food allergies. Several children at the Ray School are diagnosed with life threatening food allergies. Special attention to keeping our school safe for all children requires cooperation from families. Important information about food allergies may be found on the nurse’s webpagewww.rayschool.org/nurse/allergies.