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Appendix D: Playground Rules

Fighting is not permitted. Duty teachers are expected to deal with instances of fighting, and to report to the student’s teacher. In cases of serious fighting, the principal or assistant principal is to be notified.
There should be no running or playing tag inside Playspace areas.
For safety reasons there will be no climbing over the edge or jumping off any of the various levels of the Playspace areas.
Body contact activities are not permitted nor games involving use of sticks, such as baseball, hockey, lacrosse, or tennis.
· Children may not go onto the grassy bank by the former horse corral (easterly end) except during the winter sliding season.
· The playground abuts patio areas next to the school, and children should stay out of patio areas when classes are in session.
· Children should only use rings or bars they can reach unassisted.
Ladders on the Reservoir Road side of Big Playspace are to be used only to climb up, with only one child on any ladder at a time.
The fireman’s pole is to be used one child at a time, and only for going down.
· The orange rings on the north side of Big Playspace are for traveling by hands, and not for sitting.
Hands must be on the low ''S'' bar and the silver monkey bars at all times.
Children should travel along the bars one at a time, not skipping bars.
Children should not jump on or off the bars.
Students are responsible for returning equipment they use (balls, jump ropes, etc.). While we encourage respect for snow sculptures and snow forts, there can be no guarantee that these structures will remain from recess to recess. However, intentional destruction of structures is not permitted.
Playground supervisors will determine when Playspace is too icy for children. If there is no snow for cushioning under the monkey bars, the area should be closed.
The ''Playspace Closed'' sign will indicate unsafe conditions.
Children should be courteous and always permit others to play in games unless it is too crowded. They should be encouraged to ask the duty teacher to help them if difficult decisions must be made about how many can play.
No wrestling, pushing, tackle, capture games, slide tackling in soccer, or throwing things other than playground or sponge balls is permitted. Duty teachers are expected to stop these activities.
Kites, skateboards, or scooters may not be used on school grounds when school is in session.
Snowballs are not allowed.
Sliding is permitted under supervision on the hill near the former horse corral, using plastic or cardboard sheets only. Sliding on ice is permitted if the student is on his/her knees and there is supervision. Gloves and hat must be worn when sliding. Sliding is not permitted on the bank near Little Playspace, next to the basketball court.
No touch football is permitted when conditions are icy.