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Social Studies

Children will begin to gain an understanding of the larger world through social studies. In addition, they will begin to understand themselves, their relationships, and their responsibilities to themselves and to others.


  • Map Skills
  • World Geography
  • Global Awareness
  • Japan
Skills and Processes
  • Participate in class effectively as a group member
  • Participate in discussions of world and local events
  • Map Skills
    • Symbols and vocabulary
    • Globes, maps, atlases
    • Location of continents, oceans, etc.
    • Make maps
    • Concept of a bird’s-eye view
    • Interpret a variety of maps
  • Research Skills
    • Locate information on a topic
    • Record information
    • Use a variety of sources
    • Organize facts, summarize, and present a report from notes
  • Similarities and differences
  • Relationship of geography to history and culture
  • Relationship of earth/globe/map
  • Compare own family with those in other cultures