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Children will use the scientific method to study the physical and natural sciences. Through research and inquiry, students will explore topics in:
  • Life Science – Vernal Pool
  • Physical Science – States of Matter
  • Earth Science – Weather
  • Health – muscular – skeletal systems, cells
We seek to help our students understand their place in ecology utilizing the scientific method. The content areas covered in our curriculum scope and sequence include physical science, life science, earth science, and health.

Four Cornerstones of Scientific Method

  • Inquiry – Questioning, Investigation, Observation, Measurement.
  • Reflection -Describing, Hypothesizing, Systems Thinking (Modeling).
  • Collaboration – Reporting, communicating, Synthesizing.
  • Action – Stewardship, Prioritizing, Decision-making.
Unifying Constructs (Big Ideas)
  • Adaptation
  • Interactions (systems, structure and scale)
  • Diversity
  • Change
  • Energy
  • Human Factor
  • Systems