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Affective Education

A comprehensive guidance and counseling curriculum represents a lifelong developmental continuum through which each person progresses. Each child grows in skills in the following areas: personal, social, emotional, educational, moral, and the world of work. Children will work to gain competence in self-understanding, social skills, decision making, and taking care of oneself. Study of drugs and alcohol continues in third grade.

Bonding to Family and School

  • Identify personal strengths
  • Identify strengths of others
  • Identify healthy ways to have fun and feel good
  • Identify ways to take care of oneself
  • Appreciate oneself as special and as a contributing part of a group
  • Help others feel included
  • Acknowledge feelings of self and others, and learn to deal with feelings
  • Ask for help from someone you trust when you need it
  • Abide by ground rules for discussing sensitive topics with others
  • Share verbally one’s appreciation of another’s strengths or actions
  • Use “I” statements to express feelings, needs, desires.
  • Keep out of trouble (self-control)
  • Say “NO” to trouble, physical abuse, sexual abuse
  • Find Alternatives
Drug and Alcohol Information
  • Define drugs and their effects
  • Understand the concept of chemical dependency
  • Know the effects of alcohol and nicotine on various body systems
  • Discuss reasons people do or do not use drugs