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Social Studies

Children will begin to gain an understanding of the larger world through social studies. In addition, they will begin to understand themselves, their relationships, and their responsibilities to themselves and others. It is during this year that children really begin to understand alternative perspectives, sense differences in others, and appreciate “long, long ago.” To that end, we begin the year with children celebrating themselves and their unique qualities. This is accomplished through “Me Books,” “Star of the Week,” or “Me Collages.” The second grade social studies curriculum includes a study of Ancient Mayan culture, and Life in the Past/Life in the Present. There is an emphasis on Colonial History and the local history of Hanover.

Ancient Maya Culture

  • Locate countries where Maya lived and still live on a map and globe
  • Describe Maya inventions: calendar, the number system, the use of 0 in the Base 20 system, chewing gum, and a written language (glyphs)
  • Describe what the Maya left behind: people, art, ruins, and food (maize)

Life in Past/Life in Present

  • Describe reasons why people came to the New World
  • Compare and contrast the following: family roles, housing, clothing, trades, and skills, transportation, education, entertainment, inventions, and economics
  • Use the following vocabulary: Native Americans, Colonial, colonist, history, transportation, barter, etc.
  • Assume the role of a colonist and participate in a variety of authentic activities
  • Visit local historical sites that relate to this study

Local History-Hanover

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the chronology of events leading to the settlement of our town
  • Describe the various people and their roles/contributions
  • Explain the effects of the relationships between the settlers and the native people
  • Describe how settlement changes the landscape over time
  • Locate Hanover on historical and contemporary map
  • Identify man-made and natural features pertinent to our town