Social Studies

Children will begin to gain an understanding of the larger world through social studies. In addition, they will begin to understand themselves, their relationships, and their responsibilities to themselves and others.

Children will develop an ever expanding sense of place by starting small with what is familiar.

The K/1 curriculum includes the following themes: family, traditions, and the concept of community, including town, state, country and continent. Other appropriate themes may be used to cover the following:

History and Culture/Traditions

Children will learn:

  • What is a tradition?
  • What makes traditions important?
  • What traditions are important to your family?
  • Become confident and cooperative members of the community
  • Know about themselves and other members of the community
  • Understand their places in the world by starting small, with something they know and is familiar
  • Appreciate their own families
  • Appreciate that there are many kinds of families
  • Build a foundation for citizenship
  • Understand that a community is a group of people who live and care about things together, e.g., classroom, school, neighborhood, and town
  • Develop an understanding of “Where do I live?”
  • Appreciate people’s different roles in and contributions to the community
  • Name their state
  • Locate their state on the US map
  • Understand that a state is made up of many communities and special places
  • Understand that our country is made up of many states
  • Appreciate the cultural diversity in our country
  • Understand that our country is called: the United States, the United States of America, the US, and the USA
  • Recognize the flag of the United States and be introduced to the symbolism of its stars and stripes

The following objectives will be introduced:

  • Understand that a continent is a large area of land
  • Name our continent
  • Locate our continent on a map/globe