Computer Study

  • No formal introduction to computers
  • Exposure to activities and games on the computer during choice times
Grades 1 & 2

Word Processing and Multimedia

  • All students will help produce and publish a piece of writing that relates text to hand-drawn or computer graphics. This may involve dictation of captions for a picture.
  • Introductory commands, such as save and print
Simulations and Problem solving
  • Students will use the computer for games in math, language arts, or problem solving ( i.e. Widget Workshop, Number Maze, Anno’s Learning Games).
  • Introduction to programming concepts with simulations such as Delta Drawing or Microworlds
System Skills
  • Students will become familiar with introductory keyboard commands such as return, delete, shift, open, and quit.
Content Instruction
  • All students will visit the lab at least four times during the year with their classroom teachers for groups lessons with the technology specialist. Lessons will involve problem solving skills with the computer.
  • Students will use the computer to practice skills in the content areas, i.e., math or language arts.