Affective Education

A comprehensive guidance and counseling curriculum encourages lifelong skills in the following areas: personal, social, emotional, educational, moral, and the world of work. Children will work to gain competence in self-understanding, social skills, decision making, and self-care. The subject of drug and alcohol abuse is introduced in kindergarten and continued in later grades.

Bonding to Family and School

  • Appreciate self as special
  • Feel included and part of a group
  • Help others feel included
  • Acknowledge feelings and respond to them
  • Understand that everyone has problems
  • Ask someone for something
  • Say “NO” to sexual and physical abuse
  • Abide by ground rules for discussion of sensitive topics in front of others
  • Ask someone to do something (assertiveness)
  • Say “NO” to trouble
Drug and Alcohol Information
  • Appreciate the dangers of unknown substances
  • Understand drugs, their effects, and chemical dependency