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Social Studies

Children will begin to gain an understanding of the larger world through social studies. In addition, they will begin to understand themselves, their relationships,and their responsibilities to themselves and to others.

The fifth-grade program of studies includes interdisciplinary themes that integrate topics in social studies and science.

  • In-depth study of an historical period
Skills and Processes
  • Participate in class effectively as a group member
  • Participate in discussing world and local current events
Map Skills
  • Read maps and globes
  • Interpret a variety of maps
  • Geography related to historical period
  • Land and sea charts
Research Skills
  • Interpretation of historical documents
  • See Information Skills listed under Language Arts
  • Historical figures
  • Political/governmental/organizational structures
  • Impact of culture and beliefs
  • Similarities and differences
  • Awareness of arts and culture in historical period
  • Interdependence of peoples
  • Cultural, racial, and gender equity
  • Awareness of other civilizations
  • In-depth experience of a selected period of history
  • Compare own culture with that of other cultures and periods in history