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Children will use the scientific method to study the physical and natural sciences. Through research and inquiry, students will explore themes in anatomy and physiology, human growth and development, diseases, the respiratory system, and animal behaviors. They will also explore these themes relating to aquatic studies (watershed and wetlands) – adaptations, changes, human factor, diversity, interactions, energy, and systems.

The process of scientific investigation will help students realize that becoming involved, remaining open to new ideas, and risking failure are all critical to scientific discovery. They will be encouraged to take calculated risks without fear of failure, become involved, and tolerate individual differences. In the course of their studies, children will employ the following skills:

  • use senses to gain information
  • recognize patterns
  • describe observations
  • compare and contrast similarities and differences
  • see continuity and changes
  • distinguish between relevant and irrelevant observations
Classify: objects, actions, relationships, and data