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Physical Education

Our mission in physical education is to help all students acquire the knowledge,skills, and attitudes they need to lead healthy,active lifestyles throughout their lives. Students develop motor skills,identify movement concepts, and work to achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness in a safe and structured environment. And, our curriculum is designed to help students develop acceptable social and personal behaviors in physical activity and team building settings.

The fifth graders are called “Personal Trainers”. In fifth grade the students are given more responsibility. Throughout the year, they work on a journal which archives and culminates their physical education experience at the Ray school. In class, the students, using skills learned as “Learners” and “Team Builders” begin to play self-refereed short-sided games. These games encourage positive social behavior while providing students with a good aerobic workout. And, the students continue to lean about physical fitness as it relates to them, personally.