November 3, 2017

I spent the day with six Ray School teachers at a conference on PBEE:  Place Based Ecology Education.  We are inspired and invigorated!  Our team exchanged ideas with educators from area schools committed to some sort of place- or inquiry-based outdoor, hands-on, nature-focused learning.  We return to Ray with minds filled with dreams and schemes about everything from "Forest Days" to field investigations to farm-to-school programs to "questing," connecting students to a place through multiple lenses:  geography, history, ecology and literature.  Bill Kilburn, keynote speaker and head of Ontario's Back to Nature Network, shared research that leaves no doubt:  getting outside and into nature has a profound affect on children's (and our) minds, bodies and spirits.  And learning outdoors creates unique opportunities for rich, student-driven explorations.  Next steps:  our team plans to visit select area schools, including our sister school Marion Cross, to experience their designated "outdoor classrooms."  We also will stay in conversation--on our students' behalf--with new professional friends from ForestKinder, the Four Winds Nature Institute, Upper Valley Farm to School, Soil Carbon Coalition, and conference sponsor Wellborn Hub.  How fortunate we are to live in a corner of the world so rich in resources, both natural and human. 

Enjoy your weekend!  (In the great outdoors, if possible.) 

Daylight Savings Time
Please remember to set your clocks back an hour on Sunday for Daylight Savings Time.

Physical Education at the Ray School
The Ray School has three Physical Education teachers:  Ms. Brauch, Mr. Condon, and Ms. Mackintosh, who teaches Adapted P.E.  

Our overarching goal is to give students opportunities to explore a variety of gross motor skills so they feel confident in choosing physical activities they like during their free time outside of school.  Students in Grades K-2 focus on locomotor movements (hop, jump, skip, sideways slide, gallop, run, leap, dance), manipulative skills (underhand roll, underhand throw, overhand throw, catching, dribble with hands, dribble with feet, kick, volley, strike with short and long stick implements, jump rope), and movement concepts (spatial awareness, pathways, levels, speeds, directions, force, health related parts of fitness). 

In Grades 3-5, these same skills are practiced and reinforced with an added emphasis on concepts and strategies that are transferred through a variety of activity settings. All grade levels learn strategies to exhibit responsible personal and social behavior including making safe choices, following rules and etiquette, working with others, and proper use of equipment.

Coming up in November, children in Grades K-2 will explore a variety of ways to practice jumping by using individual jump ropes, long jump ropes, jump sticks and hula hoops.  Grade 3-5 students will practice striking using a short handled implement with tennis racquets and striking using a long handled implement with hockey sticks.  Activities emphasize skill development to improve eye-hand coordination, along with exploring strategies and concepts associated with a variety of activities such as communication, creating space, and transitions from offense to defense.

During the week of November 27- December 1st, the Ray School P.E. team invites family members to join us for “Invite-A-Parent -to-P.E. Week.” To find out when your child has P.E., click on the Ray School P.E. web page.  Hope to see you with sneakers on and ready to move!

-- The P.E. Team
Ms. Brauch, Mr. Condon, Ms. Mackintosh

5th Grade Fundraiser (click for poster
Beginning October 30th, we will be selling tickets for our 5th grade movie fundraiser.  This year's movie is Cars 3, and tickets cost $5.00.  Proceeds benefit the 5th grade scholarship and activity fund.  The movie will be screened on Saturday, November 11th.  Doors open at the Nugget Theater at 10:30am and the movie starts at 10:45am.  Tickets will be sold in the entryways, including the front lobby as children enter in the morning (7:50-8:00am) and at dismissal (2:45-2:50pm).  Cash is preferable.  You also can purchase tickets at the theater the day of the movie.  All students should be accompanied by an adult.  We look forward to seeing you at the movies!

Parents' Morning Out: Saturday, November 11 (Veterans Day)
Want to get a head start on holiday shopping or errands without the kids?  Drop children off at the Hanover High School gym for a morning filled with fun. Open to kids ages 3-12 (must be potty-trained).  Registration and drop off begins at 9:45AM.  Pick up at noon.  $20 per child. This is a fundraiser for the Friends of Hanover High School Girls Basketball Program. Click for an informational flyer

Community Events/Interests
Click to learn about a host of local opportunities ranging from contemporary dance to paper mache to upcoming kid-friendly performances.  Most weeks we will highlight one or more community events of timely importance.  We feature two events this week...

K-5 Chess Classes at Hanover Parks & Recreation
Hanover Parks & Rec is offering 9 Saturday morning chess classes for children in grades K-5.  Dates:  Saturdays: November 18, 2017 – February 3, 2018 (No classes on 11/25, 12/23, & 12/30)A mock tournament will be held the last week with medals for kids.  The focus of this fee-based program is on learning and fun!

Beginner Program:  
Children learn the name of the individual pieces along with their unique movement abilities, basic openings and endgames, and in game tactics. Classes consist of 30-40 minutes of instruction with 20-30 minutes of supervised playtime.
Intermediate Program:  This class is geared towards children who already have a grasp on the fundamentals of the game. Participants will learn intermediate to advanced tactics and strategies, as well as the importance of openings, middlegames, endgames, and tournament play.  
Hanover Police Department Food/Essentials Drive
The HPD is sponsoring a food/essentials drive for the month of November to benefit the Upper Valley Haven and Upper Valley Humane Society.  Please click on the following links to see what items are being requested:  Upper Valley Haven and Upper Valley Humane Society.

Ray School Calendar

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