Message from the Principal
October 15, 2017

"To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful."  --Agnes De Mille, American ballet dancer and choreographer.  Although no one went on pointe Friday night, our first "Hoo-ray for Ray" dance clearly brought out the best and beautiful in everyone:  Ray children, teachers and parents who danced the (early) night away.  For one hour in a school gymnasium, the worries of the world dropped away.  No fancy decorations needed, no disco balls, judgement and inhibitions left at the door.  We joined as community with joy as our sole purpose.  This dance was "social" in many senses.  Children and parents talked and laughed with friends, old and new.  We gathered 'round and savored the PTO's (truly delicious) cake.  Most importantly, the dances were "social" in nature, family-friendly group dances that allowed everyone, with or without an aptitude for dance, to join in.  To top it off, our children themselves led many of the dances, standing front and center to demonstrate steps and moves to Latin, Spanish and American folk dances.  They'd been prepared, aka empowered and set up for success, by Clare Brauch and Steve Condon, our wonderful PhysEd teachers, who've been introducing dances during weekly classes.  Earlier in the day, 5th graders and Senora Utell taught dances to young 'uns at an afternoon assembly (see photos).  "Community Building" is an important school-wide goal this year.  Friday night left no doubt: well-planned school dances are a fast-track way to be "out of our selves."  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful together.


Community Events/Interests
Click to learn about a host of local opportunities ranging from contemporary dance to paper mache to upcoming kid-friendly performances.  Most weeks we will highlight in the body of "Rays of Sunshine" one or two community events of timely importance.  

This week we feature SCAD:  The Skating Club at Dartmouth.  SCAD is a volunteer run, cooperative skating club (with no affiliation to Dartmouth College).  Launched in the 1940s, SCAD has been the home club for a great many talented and enthusiastic skaters.  SCAD is a member of the US Figure Skating Association and offers a range programs designed to suit the needs of area skaters, girls and boys interested in speed skating, figure skating and hockey.  SCAD's second Fall session starts on October 30.  Registration deadline is Monday, October 23.  Click here to learn more about SCAD's pre-school, "hockey edge," speed skating and figure skating programs.  
Visit the Ray School homepage for our complete (constantly updating) calendar.

Ray School Calendar

Community Happenings

Kids and the Community: Week 3 

We had visits this week from Brian Ellstein (Hanover Fire Department), Cate Rooney (Hanover High School student), Sofia Sacerdote (Hanover High School student), Glenn Elder (Volunteer Firefighter/EMT), and Gail Egner (Hanover Dispatch). Officer Dan Fowler was also featured.  Thank you to all!  

How Familiar are You?!... Art at The Ray School

The Ray School has two art teachers, Ms. Robin Henry and Mrs. Tina Nadeau. Ms. Henry is full time at Ray.  Mrs. Nadeau teaches art here on Thursdays; Monday through Wednesday, she can be found at Crossroads Academy.  

IMG-1691.JPGWe strive to bring a high quality art program to the Ray School, focusing on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.  These include things such as Line, Color, Shape and Form, Texture, Balance and Pattern.  Famous and not so famous artists are also included in our curriculum. Generally, artists are introduced as “Birthday Artists” and their styles are often enveloped into projects. So far this year, students have learned about Romare Bearden, Jim Henson, Grandma Moses and Robert Indiana. In October, we are learning about Faith Ringgold and Ed Emberley. Students discover that not all artists have to have work hanging in a museum!

Art serves as a natural connection for a wide variety of classroom units and school wide initiatives.  For the past three years, we have worked closely with the Kids & Community program.  Students have created their own community card, which is a great way to connect self-portraiture skills and getting students to really observe.  Biennially, we celebrate Dot Day focusing on the books by Peter Reynolds.  Dot Day will return next year!

kindness.jpgThe big words that you see around the building at the start of year were created during our Learning Buddies Day in June.  Second graders have been helping out by creating ROYGBIV signs using the school-wide Character Traits.  Look for the words KINDNESS and COURAGE created by students. Be sure to look for Ray student art in the greater Hanover community too.  Every December we display work from every single student at the Mascoma Savings Bank in downtown Hanover.  In April, student art is on display at the Howe Library and at various times throughout the year we grace the bulletin boards of the SAU office.  Please take time to talk with your kids about art.  Take a walk around town and look for signs of art.  It's everywhere! (Click to learn more about public art at Dartmouth.) 


Picture Re-take Day: 10/19
Lifetouch will return on Thursday, October 19th for re-takes.  If you'd like your child's picture re-taken, please let the classroom teacher know and have your child return the original packet to the photographer.

Volunteer Opportunities
Student Flu Clinic:  Our student flu clinic will be held on Thursday, 10/26, and we are seeking a few parents to assist us.  Please see the sign-up for details.

Kerry Artman, District Volunteer Coordinator

PTO Spirit Wear Sale
Display your school spirit while supporting our students and teachers through the PTO!  Order forms for “The Ray School” t-shirts and sweatshirts were sent home this week.  (Here's a link to the order form.)  Please return your order and payment by Monday, October 23rd.  We will deliver items to classrooms for children to bring home unless you note on the form that you'd like to pick up your order in the office.  Contact Beth DeSimone at bethdesimone@gmail.com with any questions.

Student Flu Clinic
The student flu clinic will be held, in school, on Thursday, October 26th. Consent forms were sent home, in backpacks, on Friday, October 13th. If you would like your child to receive a flu vaccination at school please complete the consent form and return it to school by Monday, October 23rd. If your child has already had the flu vaccine, simply disregard the consent form. No student will receive a flu vaccination without a signed consent form. Frequently Asked Questions

International Potluck Dinner 
Calling one and all!  Please join us on Thursday, October 26 from 5:30-7:30pm in the Ray School Music room for our International Potluck Dinner.  This fantastic (and delicious) event is a great way to meet other international families and share foods from different countries. Please bring a dish to share from your homeland.  Plates, plasticware, cups and water are provided by our PTO. This notice is also posted on the Ray School PTO website (see link below).  Please RSVP Kristin Olmstead, ESOL teacher at the Ray School: kristin.olmstead@rayschool.org.  Also feel free to email Kristin with any 

Save the Date: Informal Holiday Concert on 12/7
5th grade band members present their Informal Holiday Concert on Thursday, December 7 at 12PM in the Music room.  In the event of a snow day, the concert will be held on December 14, same time and place.  Our musicians will perform several brief pieces in the Music room and then move to the Multi for a repeat performance at 12:20PM.  Parents/guardians and family friends are all welcome.