September 29, 2017
Dear Ray Community,
          Fun can be deceiving.  2nd graders crafted "I Am" poems and, in two classrooms, transcribed these onto full-body silhouettes which brighten our hallways.  It's nearly impossible to get where one's going without stopping repeatedly to read and admire.  Students traced the outlines of their bodies, many in funny poses, cut these out and represented their personalities in crayon and paint.  Each child wrote about him or herself by completing a bunle of sentence starters:  "I am...  I wonder...  I worry...  I dream...  I pretend...  I want...  I feel...  I understand... " Grand fun!  (Try it yourself.)
        And... there's often more to "fun" than first meets the eye when designed with intention by teachers.  In this instance, teachers aimed not only to spark creativity and joy, worthy goals in their own right, but also to teach core literacy/writing skills including sentence construction, capitalization, punctuation, elaboration, organization of ideas, use of details, and the editing and revision process.  They incorporated work on handwriting, memorization and recitation.  Social goals were met too:  students compared and contrasted their similarities and differences, engaged in self-reflection, and grew in understanding and acceptance of one another.  In the art realm, students mastered watercolor resist.  So a really cool, creative, personally-empowering project moved children forward along seriously academic and social paths.  Moral of the story:  If you find yourself wondering about the value of a particular lesson here at Ray, ask a teacher.  Be prepared for a long and interesting conversation.    

"Hoo-Ray for Ray" Dance: 10/13
Save the date!  On Friday, October 13th from 6 to 7pm, the PTO is sponsoring an all-school dance in the gymnasium for children in all grades.  The event kicks off at 5:30pm with a B.Y.O. picnic to enjoy on the lawn.  Come celebrate community and dance your socks off!

Kids & Community

Our third year of Kids & Community is off to a wonderful start!  Spearheaded by Kindergarten teacher Beth Phillips-Whitehair, this school-wide initiative allows children to build relationships with community helpers, meet strong role models and learn about the interconnectedness of Ray with the wider community.  This week’s featured visitors were Hanover Police Captain Mark Bodanza, Firefighter Jeremy LaBombard, Principal Lisa Sjostrom, Dispatcher Michael Cahill and Hanover High School senior Jasper Meyer.  They visited us in classrooms, on the playground, in PE, and at K-1 Sing-Along.  Extra guests included Sergeant Scott Rathburn, Officer Dan Fowler, Officer Tim Scott, Officer Ryan Kennett and Firefighter Jesse Bieluch. A huge shout out to all of you for joining the Ray community!

October is Fire Safety Awareness Month

Next Monday, members of the Hanover Fire Department will spend the day with us and all children will cross paths with a host of firefighters.  Be sure to ask your child what he or she learned during firefighter presentations.  And please don't be alarmed by the trucks and increased presence of firefighters. Please take a few minutes to review these vital tips from the American Red Cross.  Learn how your family can prevent home fires, escape from a home fire in 2 minutes, and recover after a home fire.

Volunteer Opportunities
Student Flu Clinic: Our student flu clinic will be held on Thursday, 10/26 and we are seeking a few parents to assist us. Please sign up and get details.
Library Assistance: We could use 2-3 volunteers to lend a literal hand restocking bookshelves and to help students check out books. Days and times vary.  Please email carolynnolan@hanovernorwichschools.org if you are interested.

RMS Film Screening

Circle Up! is screening "Beyond Measure" on Tuesday, 10/3 at Richmond Middle School at 7:00 p.m.  Public welcome!  View the three-minute trailer and learn about schools that are taking novel approaches to education, ones that reject standardization in favor of personalization and innovation.  Click this link to secure your free tickets.

Wednesday, October 4: Walk to School Day

This upcoming Wednesday we are taking part in National Walk to School Day. New this year, Ray School students riding a bus will have the option to get off at the Garipay parking lot to walk Reservoir Road to the school or they can take the bus all the way to the school. If you walk from home, you can meet at specific places to walk to school in a group.

We don't have designated adults to walk from each meeting spot so we invite parents and guardians to join and get some exercise if your schedule allows. Several Kids & Community members and members of the Hanover Bike/Pedestrian Committee will position themselves at road crossings to ensure student safety.

Important pedestrian safety rules to review with children:

  • Walk together and share the sidewalk/road by walking no more than two by two.

  • Stop at road crossings and cross together as a group so we do not hold up traffic.

  • Walk facing traffic when there isn't a sidewalk.

  • When using the multi-use path along Route 10, walk on the right side, pass on the left, and make sure to alert pedestrians when you are passing.

  • Please use caution on Rip Road as there is no sidewalk.

Meeting locations:

  • Greensboro Road at Lebanon St. (Rt. 120) @ 6:50am

  • Carter St/Brockway St and Lebanon St. @ 7:05am

  • Wyeth & Dunster @ 6:50 am on to Brook Rd @ 6:55am

  • Dartmouth Green @ 7:05am

  • Balch & Park Street meeting up with the Green walkers @ 7:20am at traffic light

  • Camp Brook Road, bottom of hill @ 7:35am and on to meet the group at the bottom of MacDonald Drive

  • MacDonald Drive, bottom of hill @ 7:40am

  • Meadow Lane (Verona, Willow Springs) @ 7:20am

  • Kingsford, Rayton, Haskins & Low @ Rip Road 7:20am

  • Fletcher Circle @ 7:40am

  • Curtis, Woodmore, Dresden, Bridgeman neighborhood meet at Curtis/Reservoir @ 7:45am

Community Events/Interests

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