Dear Parents,

This month’s character trait discussion centered around resilience. Students and staff used our graffiti board in the front lobby to describe what resilience means to them. As the school year winds down and we celebrate with end-of-year activities, remembering to find balance in our daily lives becomes all the more important.

A few thoughts from our board:

Stay true, stay you.

Stay strong, people!

Make failure your fuel.

Champion each other.

Be yourself and only yourself.

Bounce back quickly.

Get back up. Try and try again!

May we all finish this year with resilience.  I hope that this three day weekend brings your family opportunities for fun and relaxation as we head into the home stretch.



Hike Safe

Ms. Brauch and Mr. Condon have started to prepare students for the hike they will take classes on in PE next Wednesday through Friday, May 30-June 1. They will hike rain or shine. Students are encouraged to wear long pants, long socks, comfortable shoes (sneakers, hiking boots, rain boots only if comfortable), and bring raincoats, water bottles, and a backpack if they wish. We will allow time for a tick check at the end of PE class time. We have asked that students not bring bug spray to school. They should have an adult spray their clothing in the morning before leaving for school if their parent/guardian feels it's appropriate to wear.

First Grade Chicks

First graders have been interested and engaged throughout their chick unit this spring. Lizzie, their broody hen, took charge of some of the eggs while other eggs were placed in an incubator. Children checked the thermometer of the incubator to be sure it was maintaining the proper temperature to ensure successful development of the chick embryos. They also added water regularly to keep the eggs from drying out. Mrs. Landry’s classroom ended up with eight beautiful, healthy chicks! Lizzie took excellent care of the chicks this week and she departed today, taking two chicks along with her as the chick box has become confining. She is ready to teach the chicks how to scratch and forage for food in her roomier home setting.  The other six chicks will remain in the classroom under a warming lamp in the chick box for another week.


End of Year Library Dates

The last day to borrow books is Friday, June 8th and all books must be returned by Friday, June 15th.

Spanish Fashion Shows

It’s that time of year again! The 5th graders are very excited about their upcoming Spanish Fashion Show. Students have worked so hard to create an authentic script in Spanish, describing the clothing models will be wearing on the catwalk, accompanied by the exciting beat of Latin music. Students learned clothing vocabulary in 4th grade and are now applying their knowledge in a fun way. ¡Buena suerte estudiantes!

From the Nurse’s Office: The Tick Population is Active

The warmer weather brings the tick population back.  Our classes do quite a bit of outdoor activity in the weeks before summer. Please check your children for ticks each night.

PROTECTION FROM TICK BITES -The most obvious way to avoid contact is to avoid tall grass and wooded areas. If you do spend time in these areas, wear proper clothing to reduce skin exposure and keep ticks outside their clothing where they can be brushed off. Ticks tend to crawl upward, and if they can’t get inside the clothing, they will end up on the neck or head.


  • Wear good shoes (no sandals or bare feet)
  • Long pants, light colored to easily detect a crawling tick
  • Tuck long pants into socks
  • Tuck the shirt into pants at the waist
  • A light colored long-sleeved shirt with snug collar and cuffs
  • A hat is also recommended

It is important to check yourself and your children after playing or working outside, especially after having been in areas with tall grass or wooded areas.

Fifth Grade Watercolor Masterpieces

As the school year comes to an end, artwork needs to be brought home.  The animal watercolors will be coming down and Mrs. Henry would prefer to see them go home safely with families if possible, rather than rolled up in backpacks.

Work by students in Mr. Clifford, Mrs. Roy, and Ms. Wilson's classes is currently in the office for pick-up. Please stop by and get your child's masterpiece if you come by the school. Mr. Stone and Ms. Hareld's classes can bring their work home following the Medieval Village presentation on May 30th.

5th Grade - 6th Grade Game Night

RMS Student Council  is sponsoring game night Friday, June 1st from 6:30-8:00pm in the RMS Media Center and Lobby.  Admission is $5.00 and BYOG (bring your own game).  For questions please contact John LaCrosse at johnlacrosse@hanovernorwichschools.org.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Please join us for our end of year thank you celebration for Ray School volunteers!  A buffet lunch will be served Friday, June 15 from 11:30-12:30 in the multi.

Thank you for volunteering this year!

PTO Events

Lost & Found

It is that time of year when the Lost & Found grows tremendously with cool mornings and warm afternoons.  Please take a moment to stop in and check for any lost items. Unlabeled items will be collected Wednesday, June 1st and donated to Listen.

Community Events/Interests

Hanover’s Friendship City – Nihonmatsu Japan – Middle School Student Exchange Visit Happens July 28th - July 30th

The Town of Hanover is in need of 10 local families who would be willing to open their homes on July 28th-July 30th to host visiting Japanese 13 and 14 year olds from Hanover’s Friendship City of Nihonmatsu, Japan.  more info

Storrs Pond Family Membership

Now is the time to sign up for your Storrs Pond Family membership. Please go to www.storrspond.org for more info.

Ray School Calendar