Dear Ray Families,

It has been a privilege serving the Ray School these past 10 months.

Thank you, parents and guardians, for your warm welcome and support and for advocating always in the best interests of children. Ray is blessed by such an active and thoughtful parent body.

Students, you are bright lights! I’m wowed by your creativity and curiosity, your hard work and how you never give up. And you have such big hearts. There’s no doubt that as you continue to practice our Character Traits, kindness especially, you’ll change lives and bring powerful good to our world. I'm reminded of a song lyric in the play Hamilton: “You’ll blow us all away!”

I’m now working on projects with our Superintendent, so you won’t be seeing me around the building. Do know I’m thinking of you and applauding your efforts. I wish each and every one of you a fun- and learning-filled Spring!

Ms. Lisa Sjostrom

Sing Along Reminder:
Please remember there is no Sing Along on Wednesday, May 2nd due to Kindergarten Registration.

Parent Survey:
We appreciate your feedback and hope everyone takes a few moments to fill out the Parent Survey. If you haven't had a chance to fill it out, here is the link.

Animal eBooks
Before break Mrs. Landry's class had an exciting week of presentations as children wrapped up their animal research projects. Thank you to Ruth Arjona (our technology teacher) for expertly leading us through the publishing and presentation process. It was exciting to see children working cooperatively while uploading illustrations, formatting pages, and designing their books. During presentations, children listened attentively as their classmates read their reports; they clearly enjoyed learning about each others’ animal as well as their own. The lessons went beyond learning animal facts as children practiced being good presenters and audience participants.

Bike/Walk to School Day
On Wednesday, May 9th, we will take part in National Walk/Bike to School DayBike riders come to school on their own schedules. It is suggested that any students biking to school have a parent/guardian go with them if this is something the student does not already do alone and on a regular basis. Walkers meet at specific places, and walk to school in a group. We do not have designated adults to walk from each meeting spot so parents/guardians please walk if your schedule allows to help keep the children safe. Here are some pedestrian safety rules to follow:
  • Walk together and share the sidewalk/road by walking no more than two by two
  • Stop at road crossings and cross together as a group so we do not hold up traffic
  • Walk facing traffic when there isn't a sidewalk
  • When using the Multi Use Path along route 10, please walk/ride on the right hand side, pass on the left, and make sure to alert other pedestrians when you are passing them
  • Please use caution on Rip Road as there is no sidewalk!
Here are the meeting locations:
  • Greensboro Road at Lebanon St. (Rt. 120) @ 6:45am
  • Carter St/Brockway St and Lebanon St. @ 7:05am
  • Wyeth & Dunster @ 6:50 am on to Brook Rd @ 6:55 am
  • Dartmouth Green @ 7:10am
  • Balch & Park Street meeting up with the Green walkers @ 7:20am at traffic light
  • Bottom of hill at Camp Brook Road @ 7:35am and on to meet the group at the bottom of MacDonald Drive
  • Bottom of hill MacDonald Drive @ 7:40am
  • Meadow Lane (Verona, Willow Springs) @ 7:25am
  • Kingsford, Rayton, Haskins & Low @ 7:20am
  • Fletcher Circle @ 7:40am
  • Curtis, Woodmore, Dresden, Bridgeman neighborhood meet at Curtis/Reservoir @ 7:45am or take your usual short cut to school
Please check the date and condition of your child's bike/scooter/inline skate helmets.  Find information on bike safety on the healthykids.org website.  In need of a helmet?  Email clare.brauch@rayschool.org who can outfit your child with a brand new one. Thank you to the Hanover bike/pedestrian committee for working with Ms. Brauch to get new helmets donated for those who need one. They will also be available at the bike rodeo on Sunday, May 6 from noon until 2pm in the Ray School parking lot. New this year, we have added middle-school-appropriate challenges, so bring your bikes, helmets and elementary- and middle school-aged children to this free bike safety event.  Let's make sure everyone's bikes and helmets are ready for walk/bike to school day on Wednesday, May 9! 

PTO Staff Pizza
Thank you, PTO, for the delicious pizza treat before April break. We are grateful for your support of the Ray School staff. 

Camp Coyote 2018, Summer Social Skills Program 
Camp Coyote will be up and running this summer, four days per week, Monday through Thursday, from July 9 to August 2.  The camp operates from 
a.m. to 1 pm each day at the Ray School and is open to students entering grades K-6 in the upcoming 2018-19 school year.  Camp Coyote focuses on building positive social interactions, improving executive functioning, and practicing mindfulness strategies for social/emotional/behavioral regulation through play-based activities.  Students with past experience at Camp Coyote can sign up in one-week increments.  Students new to Camp Coyote are required to attend for at least two weeks to ensure they become familiar and comfortable with routines, activities and staff and have a rich, positive experience.  Campers are grouped by age and the ratio of students to staff is approximately 5:1.  If you would like more information or to register, please contact Russell Ward or Della Domingue: russell.ward@rayschool.orgdella.domingue@rayschool.org

PTO Spring Dance

The PTO Spring Dance will be THURSDAY, MAY 10th in the gym from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.. There will be a B.Y.O. picnic outside starting at 5:30. All grades welcome. No costumes/dress-up required. Come as you are, dance, have fun, and enjoy cake from Lou's.

Lost & Found
Please take a moment to look through the Lost & Found. All unlabeled items will be collected May 1st and donated to Smilie Memorial School in Bolton, VT.


Thank you to all who have been turning in their BoxTops! We submitted $144.30 in March and our next submission will be in the fall so please keep collecting. Just a note, we had to recycle numerous BoxTops because either the expiration date or "Official Coupon" was cut off. Please be sure that the clippings include these important details. If your kids love to put them on a submission sheet, you can find and print them here. BoxTops can be dropped off anytime in the Ray school office, the mini Coop or the Hanover coop - no need to hold onto them until the fall!

Community Events/Interests
Hanover High School Footlighters present...
Hello Dolly  - May 10, 11 & 12th @ 7:00PM at HHS Auditorium.  Tickets available at HHS Main Office starting April 30th.  info

Storrs Pond Family Membership
Now is the time to sign up for your Storrs Pond Family membership, please go to www.storrspond.org for more info.

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