How many words can you name that begin with the syllable "pop"?  Popcorn.  Popularity.  Popovers.  Poppy...  Pop-up Concerts! 
        It might have been pouring rain at the start of school yesterday, but there was extra brightness within.  4th graders Nora Holmes and Lucia Lotterhand played cello for 15 minutes in the front lobby, part of our new Pop-up Concert series happening on select Friday mornings.  
        Nora has been playing for four years and Lucia for two. Both participate in the Strings Advanced Group conducted by Music teacher Hannah Rommer.  Each girl started on violin and has switched to cello. “The cello’s so deep,” noted Lucia, “and gets the better parts.  The bass line is always really cool.” Nora was initially drawn to cello because of its bigger size.
        If any current 3rd graders are considering playing a string instrument next year, Nora has some advice.  “If you usually have a happy and joyful mood, you should play the violin. If you feel grumpy a lot and get stressed out, choose cello.  When I’m in a bad mood and play my cello, I always wind up happy.” Lucia agrees. “Playing the cello makes me feel like I’m standing in warm ocean water and there are waves flowing around me. It’s pretty and mellow and soothing and beautiful.”
        Teachers responded similarly as they passed by the girls en route to the office to check their mailboxes and make photocopies.  “It soothes my soul… My Friday is made… I’ll carry this with me for the rest of the day.”  Students surely felt some of the same as they streamed through the front doors. Lucia noted that “it felt really good to grab their attention and hold it tight.  Sometimes it can be hard to grab kids’ attention. It was also just fun playing in front of people.”
        Thank you, girls, for this gift to the Ray School.  (And for all you Scrabble players out there, here's a more extensive list of words that "pop.") 


Autism Awareness
April is Autism Awareness Month.  Next Monday, April 2, is Autism Awareness Day and we are encouraging adults at Ray to wear t-shirts that feature Autism and/or awareness.  Alternately, we all can wear something blue, representing "Light it Up" for Autism Awareness.  Please join us!   

2018/19 Kindergarten Registration

We are now accepting registrations for eligible students to attend kindergarten during the 2018/19 school year.  To be eligible, students need to live in either Hanover or Etna and have turned age 5 by September 30, 2018.  If you or someone you know hasn't already received information on how to register, please contact Gwyn Dessert at 603-643-6655 / gwyn.dessert@rayschool.org.

Lost & Found
Please swing by the  Lost & Found for missing items.  All unlabeled items will be collected on Monday, April 2nd and donated to Smilie Memorial School in Bolton, VT.  Last chance (we hope) to collect heavy winter clothing and footwear.  On to the mud!

Thursday, May 31:  RMS Transition Presentation & Tour
Parents of 5th grade students are invited to a presentation by 6th grade teachers about 6th grade at Richmond Middle School. This takes place on 5/31 from 6-7 PM in the RMS auditorium.  Following the presentation and Q & A, School Counselors John LaCrosse and Liz Powers will lead middle school tours for any interested parents.

Community Events/Interests
Mark your Calendars!  Dartmouth Science Day:  April 28

Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age
 Flyer  Crossroads Academy is hosting Psychologist Dr. Richard Freed on Monday, April 23 from 6:30-8:00 p.m.  An engaging speaker, Dr. Freed is author of Wired Child, a book offering insights and strategies for raising happy, healthy children in our  digital age.  The event is free and open to the public.  

Ray School Calendar