January 21, 2018

Good-heartedness is everywhere in evidence at Ray.  Children include others in recess games.  Teachers send out word asking for lunch coverage to confer with a colleague and are answered within seconds.  Volunteers cycle through classrooms lending a hand with reading groups, math games, snowmen projects.  I've been particularly struck of late by the good-heartedness of 3rd graders in Cathy Richardson's class who have struck up a powerful connection with students in Port Aransas, Texas.  Why and how Port Aransas? Located on Mustang Island in the Gulf of Mexico, about halfway between Galveston and Brownsville, the town was devastated by Hurricane Harvey back in August. Students lost seven weeks of school and finally returned in portable classrooms.  Mrs. Richardson, out of the goodness of her own heart, contacted a friend in Texas inquiring about schools in need of help. One thing led to another and the connection was made with H.G. Olsen Elementary School. Before the holidays, Mrs. Richardson’s class raised and contributed $200 to the school and Ray students sent homemade snowflake ornaments to their 3rd grade Texas counterparts. On the day our students were stringing ornaments, it snowed in Port Aransas for the first time in 12 years; it had been 100 years prior to that.  Serendipity clinched it: our children deemed the relationship destined! Ray kids currently are creating a video alphabet book about New Hampshire. Mrs. Arjona, Technology Coordinator, is teaching students how to use a "green screen" which pulls them out of the real world and places them into the digital domain, in this case on the pages of their book. Students in Port Aransas are writing a book about surviving the hurricane which they'll send us in return. We are hopeful that, once the Texas school is back to full functioning, students will get to Skype and make a more direct, person-to-person connection.


Week of Code, Reprise
Several weeks back, we featured the exciting "Week of Code" at the Ray School.  Dan Rockmore, Ray parent, school board member and Professor of Math and Computer Science at Dartmouth, has written a fabulous article for the Huffington Post about his and his colleagues' experience at Ray and their aims for our students.  Read the full article here

WISE Partnership

We are excited to announce an expanded partnership with WISE, an Upper Valley non profit that, among other things, provides education about healthy relationships and decision making.  WISE already is supporting health education programs in our middle and high schools.  WISE educators soon will be joining with Ray school counselors Pam Graham and Karen Strickland to deliver our affective education curriculum, lessons and discussions about developing friendships and that support Care for Kids, our sexual abuse prevention curriculum.  Please take time to read the informational letter (click to read) from WISE.  Feel free to contact our counselors with any questions: karen.strickland@rayschool.org; pam.graham@rayschool.org

Let it Snow!

Children in Shelia McCoy’s Kindergarten classroom have been reading stories about snow and snowmen. So far students have made melted snowmen, illustrated a book about a snowman, and are in the process of writing and illustrating stories about Peter from the classic children’s book A Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. And don't forget the sledding, the sledding!


Save the Date: Camp Coyote 2018, Summer Social Skills Program 
Camp Coyote will be up and running this summer, four days per week, Monday through Thursday, from July 9 to August 2.  The camp operates from 9 a.m. to 1 pm each day at the Ray School and is open to students entering grades K-6 in the upcoming 2018-19 school year.  Camp Coyote focuses on building positive social interactions, improving executive functioning, and practicing mindfulness strategies for social/emotional/behavioral regulation through play-based activities.  Students with past experience at Camp Coyote can sign up in one-week increments.  Students new to Camp Coyote are required to attend for at least two weeks to ensure they become familiar and comfortable with routines, activities and staff and have a rich, positive experience.  Campers are grouped by age and the ratio of students to staff is approximately 5:1.  If you would like more information or to register, please contact Russell Ward or Della Domingue: russell.ward@rayschool.org; della.domingue@rayschool.org

Haven Helpers:  Mac n' Cheese, Please!
3rd graders are our Haven Helpers during the month of January.  Their main collection item is Macaroni & Cheese.  There are collection bins in the 3rd grade classrooms, as well as in our front lobby.  To delay may mean to forget, so please mark your "To Do" list and make a contribution this week!

Lost & Found
Reminder:  Please take a look at the Lost & Found before the end of the month.  We are overflowing once again. 

3rd Grade Scientific Inquiry

“Can we do this every week?” “This is so cool!” “I wonder if my mom would let me do this?”  As the Ray School embarks upon implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards, the 3rd grade team placed a mysterious model out in their foyer--involving a block of ice, a brick, a copper wire--that students studied throughout the day as changes took place. Children documented their observations and formulated questions related to the overarching question: Why did the wire dive into the block of ice under these specific conditions? Students eagerly watched for predicted changes and actively pointed out factors that might influence the outcome. They pooled their thinking and considered others' points of view. The energy of inquiry was palpable down in the 3rd grade pod. Bravo, 3rd grade scientists!

Passport to Winter Fun

Thank you, Ray School PTO, for funding the Passport to Winter Fun program again this year. All students received their Passport to Winter Fun booklets last Friday. Please read and review the first few pages of the passport with your child and return the front flap as soon as possible. Please check the Ray School Physical Education website for all the information you would ever need to know about this program!


Ray School Art on Display
Ray School artists continue to brighten up Hanover during the month of January.  Artwork can be found in the Children's section of the Howe Library;  
head upstairs to view art by Hanover High School students too.  More artwork is on display at the SAU#70 offices in the Hanover High School building.  Thank you to Rick Lemay and Mascoma Savings Bank for the terrific job hanging student artwork during the month of December at the Hanover branch.

New Hampshire High School Ski Jumping Championships
Spread the word and mark your calendar! Watch the New Hampshire High School Ski Jumping Championships under the lights on Thursday, February 15th, 6pm, at Oak Hill in Hanover. There will be music, hot chocolate, camp fire, marshmallows, music and athletic courage. 

Ray School Calendar

Ray School Calendar