January 5, 2018

Hola!  Feliz año nuevo! ¿Hablas espanol?  (Hello!  Happy new year!  Do you speak Spanish?)  Señora Utell, coordinator of the Ray School Spanish program, is launching something new at the start of this new year: Spanish Seminar. Our foreign language program is primarily designed for non-Spanish speaking students to help them develop fundamental skills and prepare to enter middle school with a solid foundation in the Spanish language. Over the past few years, greater numbers of Spanish-speaking students have been enrolling at Ray.  These students are a great resource in their classes, interacting with teachers to model conversation and, in many cases, sharing fascinating background cultural experiences with their peers. And… we want all of our students, including those with prior Spanish knowledge, to continuously grow and develop their language skills.  To that end, Señora Utell has created an enrichment program for students who enter Ray with Spanish-speaking backgrounds. Señora is piloting Spanish Seminar with qualifying 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. During a lunch-recess period, Señora and students enjoy higher-level conversations, book reading and discussions, writing activities, games and projects entirely in Spanish. Qué desafio! Qué divertido! (What challenge! What fun!)

Community Events/Interests

Hanover Heat Basketball

Basketball is growing in the Upper Valley! We are pleased to let you know that after the recreational season ends this winter, there will be the opportunity for more basketball. Hanover Heat has expanded to girls' and boys' teams for grades 3-8. As this is a travel basketball program, there will be tryouts for teams. Playing travel basketball does involve a serious level of commitment and the competition level is higher than Rec. basketball. For those that tryout, but aren’t quite ready for a competitive travel team, our hope is to offer developmental clinics to improve skills. Tryouts will take place on Monday, January 15.  Please see this flyer for more information.  In addition, an informational meeting will be held on Sunday, January 7th at 4:00 p.m. at Hanover High School - Room 128/130.  The building will be closed so please park around back near the turf field. You can enter behind the school via the door by the stairs.

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